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The Don't We Boys!

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
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"Sketchfest Review"

The eponymously named Don’t We Boys hit the ground sprinting with singed clothes and twigs in their hair. Michigan’s first action/adventure comedy trio made no consolations, demanding the audience to keep up with their left-field, carefree, absurdist brand of parkouresque performing. The imaginative Don’t We Boys skillfully sequenced an exciting collection of punchy vignettes. Some scenes were whimsically dark, self-referential, and yielded as many gags-per-second as a Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker film. Some scenes were funny flashes, the giddy equivalent of a “one-liner”. The group benefited from a supernatural rapport, understated overstatements, a diversity of media, a loose arc filled with holes, the self-awareness to point out said holes, and the childish commitment to jump down those holes. - Spinning Platters

"The Don't We Boys!"

Joe Anderson, Dave Lyzenga, and Matt Sterenberg are the kind of guys you want to hang out with. They’re quick wits, don’t take themselves too seriously, and despite their ambiguous ages, are strangely adorable. Attending a Don’t We Boys show is like an hour and a half play-date of sorts with the guys you wish you were best friends with. No matter what your age or gender, get ready to fall dysfunctionally in love.

The Don’t We Boys is a sketch comedy group based out of Grand Rapids (though not limited to it—the group has recently returned from a nation-wide tour). The comedy of Don’t We Boys is like a batch of cookies made from two cups variety show, one cup hipster Hardy Boys, 4,000 g of Vitamin C, and a pinch of Sesame Street. It’s like reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book straight through without skipping pages: inhumanly fast-paced and whimsical.

There are a few things that TDWB have definitely mastered:

They know who they are. Matt, Dave, and Joe (also known as the re-occuring characters of Don’t, We, and Boys) are almost uncomfortably comfortable with who they are. Each show features an over-arching adventure storyline starring the Don’t We Boys, detectives extraordinaire, who bring the show together with a cohesive theme of adventure and mystery. Each member of the trio plays numerous characters in sketches in between (including, at times, themselves).
Timing and Physicality. Comedy cannot survive without good timing, but with the combination of improvisational experience and a masterful light and sound technician, The Don’t We Boys are thriving. Each sketch, whether it’s 15 seconds or five minutes, is delivered with perfect comedic timing and physicality. Luckily, they have also learned to pause for laughter (which often overflows into their lightning-quick scene and costume changes).
Clean, Considerate Wit. The Don’t We Boys offer an impressive alternative to sexual, foul-mouthed humor, drawing their inspiration from current events, less-current events and even non-eventful circumstances that any audience can relate to.
Technology. The show is punctuated with short animation and videos, providing perfect pacing and variety to the show as a whole. The lights, sound and visual components were implemented without a hitch or hesitation, building a momentum and atmosphere perfectly in tune with their comedic style.
At the end of the show, it’s like parting with characters from an adventurous, endearing book with vibrant, yet sometimes trippy, illustrations.

Though you’ll want to follow them home, follow them on online at, as well as on Facebook. - The Rapidian

"Day Two of the Sketch Comedy Festival Will Be Packed With Laughs"

The Don’t We Boys kicked off act two. They are from Grand Rapids, Michigan and will have you laughing off your seat. They had a variety of short 30 second sketches, and ‘Summer Reading’ – a much longer but very funny story about betrayal. If you never thought you would laugh about serial killers, you’ll have to hear this! Even though the sketch was long, the journey they took you on was really well thought out and kept you laughing. - Columbus Underground

"CAUTION! Dangerous Sketch Comedy In Your Backyard"

Imagine the Hardy Boys hosting SNL.
Or, imagine if the Little Rascals hit their 20s and 30s and star in a sitcom, but haven't matured one scruple. Their voices have dropped and their faces require razors, yet they haven't outgrown any of their lovable boyhood shenanigans.
Or, imagine a mad scientist mixes Pee Wee Herman's mother's genetic material in a Petri dish with G. I. Joe's and the product is triplets who become main characters in hilarious sketch comedy. What you've got is The Don't We Boys, a new action-adventure-based sketch comedy trio.
This trio of juvenile yes-men includes Joe "Foot-in-the-Grave" Anderson, Dave "Bloody Mess" Lyzenga, and Matt "Safety First" Sterenberg, all upper classmen of the West Michigan comedy scene. Together they turn back the clock to when high-fructose morning crunchies and marathon broadcasts of "The Three Stooges" were the end-all-be-all, and in doing so raid the comedic potential of highly nostalgic scenarios, such as budding friendships, games of freeze tag gone wrong, catching frogs down at the pond and the difficulty in disposing of an accidentally murdered neighbor.
"Most of the scenes are influenced by things we have actually gone through, like getting shot by a BB gun or having to put the dog to ‘sleep,' but then taken to extremes," Sterenberg said.
But not all of the sketches take place on the lighter side of puberty. Sometimes The Don't We Boys make forays into adult territory, exploring such patently boring topics as going to work, paying the bills or regretting having children.

Offstage the three comedians pretend to be amateur child psychologists.
"The problem with children today is that they're not going on enough adventures," said Anderson, who is a professional actor and comedian living in the Grand Rapids area.
"But our show serves as therapy for adults and deals with heavy topics," said Lyzenga.
"Yeah, so wear a raincoat and a mouth guard," Sterenberg added.
Though they may come off as spontaneous childlike hilarity, The Don't We Boys' sketches are definitely not the result of child's play. In actuality, the members of The Don't We Boys spending grueling nights working overtime writing and rewriting their comedy scripts.
"What people don't understand is how much we argue about what's actually funny," Sterenberg said. "We'll argue about one phrase versus another for over an hour."
The result of all that late-night bickering is action-adventure comedy that consistently earns the response: "Why haven't I heard of this before?"
"You'll enter our show asking, ‘Why?'" Lyzenga said. "And leave screaming, ‘Don't We Boys!'" - Revue


2012 San Francisco Sketch Fest
2011 Seattle Sketchfest
2011 Milwaukee Comedy Festival
2012 Chicago's Sketchfest
2011, '12 Columbus' Shadowbox Sketchfest
2011, '12, '13 Gilda's LaughFest.

And about 100 colleges!



The DWB is a critically-acclaimed, fast-paced sketch comedy show.

"As many gags-per-second as a Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker film!" - San Francisco Sketch Fest

"10 out of 10!" - Milwaukee Comedy Festival

"Inhumanly fast-paced!" - LaughFest Grand Rapids

Like MTV's Human Giant and Comedy Central's Key&Peele, The Don't We Boys has made a name for itself by constantly striving to explore high stakes situations in relatable ways and relatable situations in extraordinary ways.

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