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Chris Taylor

Suwanee, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Suwanee, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Hip Hop




"Interview With Chris Taylor (Written by Neka Porter)"

When Chris started to pursue his dreams as a rapper he wanted to stay true to himself. Using his real name as a stage name is a constant reminder of who he is. It helps him remember who he is and why he is creating music. Before becoming a rapper, Chris was a drummer for about 10 years.

Drum Core allowed him to perform in various places and cities. He learned discipline which allowed him to get good at his craft. When he decided to leave drumming behind, one of the things he did was google all his favorite rappers favorite books and read them. Over time he learned what worked for him and what didn't work based on what he learned from Drum Core and what he learned from those books. He doesn't wanna half ass anything with his name in it. His mom introduced him to hip hop. Her favorite rappers was the Notorious B.I.G and Uncle Luke. She would always say phrases that rhyme and he actually uses some of them in his music. If it rhymes it stays in your mind.

When asked if he had a clothing line Chris responded with "Not yet, but one thing I like to do his designing stuff." Before music he wanted to be an artist and wanted to make a shirt with his name on it with repeat value. He is current looking into a merch line for Christ Taylor shirts. The next few designs will be coming out before the end of the year. Urban Grind, a coffee shop in Atlanta, is one of his favorite venues that he has performed at. He feels like he always learns from other artists there, the people who are out there drop knowledge and he is able to practice his craft in a non rap setting.

I asked Chris If he could collab with anyone (dead, alive, local and famous) who would it be? The famous person was Andre 3000 because he was one of the major people who influenced him. "He was different. He dedicated his album, The Love Below to love and heartbreak." M is the local artist born and raised in Atlanta. Chris saw him at one of Teacup's show, but unfortunately did not get a chance to network with him. Chris Taylor would love to work with J Cole as well. A fun fact about Chris is thay he can remember every time, place and what he was doing when a J Cole album came out. I decided to test this and asked him where and what he was doing when 4 Your Eyez Only came out.

The young musician said he was working at his old job and someone was talking about how J Cole dropped an unexpected album. He got some headphones and listened to it for like 2 hours. The song he is currently writing is his favorite song. The One Im Currently Dealing With is a song about love. The reason behind it this woman and her lover are playing a game of cat and mouse back and forth. She shows a little bit of interest then he falls back. Vice versa. Chris Taylor loves it and said "let me be honest with you. The things I dont feel comfortable saying in person I put into my music. Its human nature; everything is uninterrupted and therapeutic for me."

What upcoming music or events can you talk to me about? "I have a show on August 14, 2019 at Kat's Cafe. There will be unreleased music played and a sessions with censored music from my EP. Whoever comes out will have a memorable experience." Chris also has an EP coming out at the end of September so be on the lookout for that!

Chris gave some spectacular advice to aspiring artists and fans alike. "Be consistent no matter what." He realized when he first made his song everyone loved it but when he made more songs it was a big drop off. "Consistently stay around positive people and work on your craft. I promise you your future self will appreciate you." - 76036 Music


Sessions With Censored

  1. The Consultation
  2. LoveDrug
  3. Reflections (Interlude)
  4. A Beautiful Struggle
  5. Just a Song (For Me)



When it comes to the music industry, there is no clear path to “making it”, but a common theme amongst those who have is their consistency and drive. Chris Taylor, born in Suwanee, Ga, is a budding hip hop performer that is full of drive and is using music to inspire others to go after their dreams. 

Somewhat of an outlier, Chris Taylor is distinct in his lyricism and his skillful ability with words. Opening up his five track EP, Sessions with Censored, with a spoken word monologue, the artist’s wordplay is shown to be deeply rooted in poetry. He describes his  style as self reliant, thought provoking and vibrant. Unlike the title suggests, Chris Taylor is uncensored on the full length project with stand out tracks such as “LoveDrug” and “A Beautiful Struggle”. 

“My Dream to inspire people to follow their hearts instead of their pockets,” says the artist. Watching his mom work three jobs, Chris Taylor learned the importance of the finer things in life, such as music. He played percussion for over ten years before switching to the other side of the beat as a hip hop artist and performed at Microsoft Convergence and the Emory School. Now, based in Atlanta, Chris Taylor has been performing at a number of open mics around the city allowing him to continuously expose his raw talent and share his message to new audiences. 

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