The Dorothy Heralds

The Dorothy Heralds


The Dorothy Heralds melt together an array of musical styles from prog rock to folk to funk to world. Blending traditional musical influences and instruments with a modern electronica sound, The Dorothy Heralds offer a dynamic set filled with rich vocals, infectious melodies, and danceable rhythms.


Listening to The Dorothy Heralds is like sipping your favorite mixed drink. Part "chick" rock, part electronica, a dash of haunting progressive rock and a twist of R&B add to the flavor of this Madison, WI based concoction. Constructed in October 2001, their prog-pop appeal may lie in their "can't quite put a finger on it sound." Combine the folk sensibility and passionate melodies of lead singer, Katy Rykken, with the melodic pounce of catlike keyboardist, Kevin Lozada, the hypnotic strut of bassist Gary Chin, the chromatic ambience of Matt Nelson's guitar, and the rhythmic rooting of drummer, Rick Horton, The Dorothy Heralds are able to weave from one musical genre to the next.

Each with a hand in the writing process, The Dorothy Heralds, recently released their first full length studio Album, Projections. With journal-like lyrics baring personal triumphs and pangs, some songs delve deep without being over melodramatic. Others take the less serious route, maintaining the groups "take it as it comes" attitude.


I Don't Care

Written By: Katy Rykken

I Don't Care---

Nine to five, then out all night
Distractions take my mind off you
I pay my bills, I get my thrills
I live Monday's monotony
I bite my nails, I know I've failed
To blot you from my memory
I wash my hair, I drink my beer
Sidetracked, the numbness becomes clear

I don't care
You only want me when you're lonely
I don't care enough to give you a second chance to come through

I dress up to the nines
And frequent places that you will be
I laugh a lot, I smile too much
I purposely flutter my eyes
Oops, was this an accident?
You, with your pathetic eyes
Here's a fork, and here's a knife...
Eat your heart out every time

(Secondary part: Did you really think that I'd forgive you?
Did you really think I'd let you win?
Was it your imagination?
You're never coming back in.)

I don't care
You only want me when you're lonely
I don't care enough to give you a second chance to come through

I jump the gun and sing this song
Like I don't even really care
To withdraw from you, my drug, takes all devices
All my plans
I run you out, I drive you out
I sign, date, stamp, and send you out
You waste my time with your lines
Reminding me that I don't care

I don't care
You only want me when you're lonely
I don't care
I'm broken, scathing, but winning

Look Twice

Written By: Katy Rykken

Look Twice---

Your eyes are stars.
Your eyes are stars.

Your frame's a constellation
You are the love that I've believed in
You take me to a far-off place
That transcends any time or space
Venus, Jupiter, or Neptune
Without leaving my own bedroom
And as far as I can tell
I've been alive, but now I'm well

Have I ever told you how much your love means to me
And how with you I can be all I've hoped to be?
When I start to cry, you catch the teardrops from my eyes
Cast them to the sky
You've made me look twice

Tears glisten as stars
And the night sky's only ours
When I feel I've lost my light
You embrace me with all your might
Inside your heart, a supernova
Till I shine as Cassiopeia
How is it you love me so unconditionally?


Your frame's a constellation
You are the love that I've believed in
Please be near because it's clear
That things are brighter when you're here
You are contagious
And I'm so glad I have caught this
I don't think that I've told you
That when I sing, I sing for you


Your eyes are stars
Your eyes are stars
Your love's like stars


Written By: Katy Rykken


You want to claim it; you want to hold it.
You want to sieze it; you want to mold it.
You look it in the face but can't control it.
You try to horde it; you wait forever for it.
And what does it mean in the face of
Nicotine, magazines, high-speed, parodies,
Stop and go, blinking signs, morse code, gestures, traffic lights?
And what does it mean in the face of kaleidoscopes, inside jokes,
The patchwork of littered grass,
One more thing you just must have?
What does it mean in the face of
A E I O U?

We read between the lines for answers,
We identify with songs.
But, what is meaning but a trainwreck--
All is fluid, all is long-
Winded; and we'll keep on searching
'Cause to live that's what we do.
So, if I form a word and say that word, it's a word--no right or wrong.
But, that was fucked up by a President who thinks that he's God's delegate.
So, if he says a word, to him it's truth...
I just stop and wonder how, and why, and to whom?


Projections 2004

Set List

45-75 Minutes - Originals and Covers (Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel, Erasure, Prince)