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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"DFW Scene"

"The long awaited DOSE CD is everything you would expect from their live show... sonically astonishing. If you've ever caught a Dose show live then you know all the energy and passion that goes into each and every song, somehow they've managed to top that with their debut CD. It's been a little over two years since I first saw this band play at a little outdoor festival called Pike Jam and was probably the only band on the bill that had everyone stop what they were doing to listen to them play. Surviving changes in lineup and studio setbacks has only made lead singer Eric Younkin more resilient to criticisms and closed minds. "I just want to be true to myself... this is the music I love to play." comments Eric after a gig in Fort Worth's The Aardvark. Merritt "Ferritt" (guitar) shares his sentiments as final steps to send their new CD to production are made at Pineapple Recording Studios the next night. Listening to this CD is a direct dub off the master, and the sound quality is incredible... especially the stereo separation. The vocals are smooth and flowing and backed by an awesomely orchestrated vocal harmony, influences of Queen and the Beatles are definitely factors to Eric's arsenal of dynamic vocal changes. "In a Bubble" probably has the most radio appeal, the hook, and the chorus with lyrics that are clear and easy to sing along with, all the elements needed for a radio hit. Then the Dose comes back at you on the very next two songs "Mrs. Jones" and "Fields of Nowhere" with a monster groove provided by newest members Bob (bass) and Steve (drums) who have done an incredible job of re-tracking all the rhythm pieces, not to mention the Dose' fearless use of the Wah-Wah. "I Transmit" is a creative blues/rock instrumental utilizing voice clips from famous speakers throughout history, and then there's "Steal the Sun" which in my opinion is the ultimate Arena Rock anthem to getting in your chicks covers ;-) This CD is ten tracks of pure, honest, rock n' roll... my recommendation is to see the Dose live and see the energy and buy a CD to enjoy on the way back to her place." - Rey King

"Tulsa Rock N"

"First a little background. Purple Overdose is now known as The Dose however the album is called Purple Overdose. Confused? Good.
When attempting to describe this album, four words come to mind: harmonious, haunting, energetic and epic. There is a good flow from song to song, which is missing from much of today's music and get this, clear vocals! When was the last time you bought a CD that you could make out the lyrics without hunting down a lyric sheet? The rich vocals and layered guitars really breathe life into the album, which is riddled with hot runs that keep the energy flowing and refuse to let you lose interest even for a moment. Hello My Pain is easily the catchiest tune on the album. So Apropos packs a punch with a melodic, epic feel. I Transmit has kind of a blues rock overtone. The Dose's anthem "Steal the Sun" recently won Song of the Year on PopBang radio. Poker Slow is another catchy tune worthy of mention. Overall I wouldn't be surprised to hear any of these songs on the radio. The bottom line is that if you don't like this album you're lame."
- Emmett Lollis Jr.

"Harder Beat Magazine"

"Vocal harmonies and dueling lead guitars in a rock band are hard to come by these days, but Purple Overdose is banking on this breakout sound. Eric Younkin (lead vocals/guitar) and Merritt Woodward (lead guitarist) traded riffs and made it seem so easy. Bob Diekmeier (bass), who along with Steve Marbut the drummer, solidified the rhythm foundation. "A Day in the Life" was covered in a punk/thrash manner. Highlights were " Something More" and "Time." Everything about the songs - from strong vocals, duel guitars, to timing - have radio play all over them. "How Does it Feel to be Alone" had a strong bluesy vibe complete with a Skynyrd, 10-minute ending." - Gabby Martinez - About a Live Performance


1st LP Release January 2003 Titled “Purple Overdose”
Music Streamed and Played at: (website) ( (Internet Radio song of the year 2002) (Currently #1 in top 100 on UK chart)


Feeling a bit camera shy


It is a rarity in today’s musical landscape with the abundance of safe offerings for a contemporary original band to emerge with the innate ability to cross over and speak to all genres of rock. The Dose is a singularly unique seasoning of soulfully crafted melodies and passionate richly layered vocals propelled by an undulating wall of swirling guitars and thunderous rhythm section. The music moves from the purest pop to the hardest rock without the two ever seeming incompatible.

The Dose is spellbinding, their bombastic live performance breathes a “what will happen next” feeling into the spirit of all who participate. Enjoy the ride.... it’s time to take your medicine!