The Dot

The Dot

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
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The Dot, also known as Dot10000, emcee/producer fires off more lyrical flame than propane tanks . Accompanied by his DJ, "HotDam", The Dot shows wack emcees how to squeeze raps over big beats.


The Dot also known as Dot10000 started fresh as a kid break dancing and rhyming. While showin’ his skills being a member of the Mpls BodyBreakers, he quickly became one of the freshest break dancers in North Minneapolis. During his reign in the infamous local rap krew XGOVERNMENT, Dot10 began to get noticed for his elite rhyme spitting, putting out various independent releases thru this own imprint.

Flash lightspeed and many rhymes later….. This new rapStar receives underground acclaim in 2006/07 with his hometown tribute "Park Pioneers", off his debut album 'MegaWatt'. In 2008, The Dot springs back into action with his first installment "American Made” mix-tape (free download), which features the smash single "Unbelievable" with Cee Knowledge of the ledendary Digable Planets. His second installment "Inauguration" EP is available on itunes with a third installment "State of the State" album due out later this year 2009. A true livin’ legend, he effortlessly bench-presses rhymes over beats like body builders. This Rap Heavyweight collides refreshing lyrics and original production for that new age, cutting-edge sound. This emcee/DJ combo make the perfect blend of raw showmanship creating energetic live performances.

The Biggest Influences to me and why I do this thing called Hip-Hop, would be that all pioneering artists true school and next generation alike make me feel like I can make a difference, push the envelope and put good hip-hop music out, It's a beautiful thing.


Park Pioneers

Written By: The Dot

My code of ethics go beyond that bullshit they spittin
And weak shit they displaying man, I can’t believe these dudes
rappin what they sayin and major labels pay radio spin what they
Playin now I know you not going to listen to what I’m conveying but
30 years old hip-hop already decaying how can we talk long Gevity
when not even staying most true to the art form, we sell out and go
popcorn, this music industry you get stuck with the bullhorns,
That’s something dangerous, but 87 north side Minneapolis was like
A mini New York, Los Angeles we had our hard knocks, the
Original rhymesayer dot10 xgovernment rock, see I was
Right there I pioneered the block; north side was like the Bronx
We was loving hip-hop then cooperation took it, but we the first
To black boot black hooded, red black green man how can I put it,
We did the knowledge and then the crack came in cooked it, damn
We haven’t been right ever since, but 88 first avenue Prince dude we
Purple rain on you, I flash back to 85 drop these names on you
Derrick Delite, Smoke D, Travitron, Disco T, Dan Speak, IRM got it on,
Te la Rock it’s yours was my song, I was just a b-boy influenced by Rakim,
KRS and PE, EPMD, Slick Rick, Cool Jay, RUN DMC in my b-boy stance
I thought it was me, love at first sight I knew I had to emcee, I’m on some
Cool Herc, Red Alert, Bambaata and Flash the future 4 words Dot10 full blast.

Forever I do it, for this hip-hop music revolutionary rap all pro diamond back,
Dot10 about to bring the art of rhyming back, its with a vengeance and
I’m autographing and signing that, Park pioneer legend street corners,
I’m certified with these rap beat diplomas, school of thought who would
Of thought we was owners like GangStarr we just stay true and bang hard.
(Repeat 3x)


2006 - "Mega Watt" album - available online
2007 - "Mcity"(Mixtape), "Black Chrom" album - available online
2008 - Mcity 2, I Am Legend, American Made (Mixtapes) - available online
2009 - "The Inauguration" ep - available online, "State of the State" album (Fall/Winter)

Set List

like to keep our show set nice and tight, anywhere between 10min. to 45 min. depending on venue and promoters terms. Nothing but rap action, high energy, The Dot and DJ Hot.