BandEDMHip Hop is music of this and that generation. A conglomeration of pop, experimental, hip-hop and electronic, is more than and entity, he is. Made up of one producer hailing from Durham, NC, is a tour de la force of glitch'y drums, raw samples, and banging synths. You don't know!


Coming from the gut of his mom, was different. Nobody knew at his early years that music was his evolution but ultimately that is what he became. At the age of 9,, also known as Chauncey Covington created idiosyncratic instrumental music on his Casio keyboard. Soon he was banging on pots and pans. started playing the trumpet and guitar at the age of 11 holding first chair trumpeter for a whooping 6 years in high school and middle school band. At the age of 15 began producing hip-hop for the with various soft and hardware. Also at 15, held the position as band front man for the ska quartet Penis Wenis. After a short stink and a few small performances, soon exclusively started producing jungle music. It was at this time that he got into drugs and the rave since which completely impacted his music. If cocaine is a hell of a drug (which it is), LSD is purgatory. 5 years later, is here with a vengeance producing experimental pop, ghetto-tech, and whatever else he feels like producing that can not be lumped into a narrow pigeon-hole.'s influences include Aphex Twin, Roni Size and Reprezent (Pre-In the Mode), MIA, Lady Gaga, Timbaland, Nirvana, Madonna, Stantagold, Michael Jackson, Dj Shadow, El-p, et al.


The First Extinction (LP) - Pox 13

Persephone (EP) - Artemis Jamison and the Olympians

Crying Cosmos (LP) - Keioshi 2k20

Set List

set list? I wing it.