The Double Downbeats

The Double Downbeats

 Kewanee, Illinois, USA

We've got a unique sound that's a hybrid of old school country, rock and Americana. Our songs are introspective, and our harmonies are tight. We talk about loves lost, dreams unfulfilled and passion ignited. And we love to craft songs that tell those kinds of stories.


The Double Downbeats is the Illinois-based husband and wife team of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Lloyd Evans and vocalist Summar Evans. They began singing together at churches, weddings and living rooms. Tight harmonies and introspective songwriting are the cornerstone of the duo. A group of friends were recruited to record the 2008 EP "Americana Hit Kit". In 2010, they released the full-length album "Heart and Mind Half Gone". They are inspired by bands like Wilco and Over the Rhine.


Heart and Mind Half Gone

Written By: Lloyd Evans

I gazed into the window
That's when she made a fool out of me
Incredulity and boredom
Made opportunity
The laughter was a riot
And soon it came time to relax
I took a train to Memphis
Breathed in time with the tracks

And I don't wanna find my way back home
I wanna run and rest and then I'll roam
And I'll piece together what's left and set out at dawn
And find a slice of heaven with a heart and mind half gone

I saw a glimpse of sadness
And I gave in when it came my way
And then just to see what happened
Prayed for a brighter day
Then over all the talking
A shadow of the things to come
And I knew that it was over
Knew I'd better run

I saw it all unfolding
Like a slow motion accident
It was fine that it was over
And it was good I went
So I hitched a ride to nowhere
I slept in a two room shack
So I'm not looking forward but
I'm not going back

The Last Full Moon

Written By: Lloyd & Summar Evans

Crawling around like you do
Looking for somebody new
You thought I'd stay and
Unlike you I'd be true
But it's changed since
the last full moon

You think the dark covers all
But that full moon led to your fall
I saw you slither in the alley
to lady June
Lit up by the last full moon

So suffer the end of our love
A blessing that I am proud of
Your pride has come, now your fall
And mourning the end of it all

In my defense I must say
You were the first to go play
But since you strayed
Oh my darling, I will too
Lit up by the next full moon

Don't Take the Diamonds

Written By: Lloyd Evans

Don't take the diamonds
Leave 'em here for me
Don't let a little thing like money
Come between you and me
We pulled our last job
Just one last spree
So leave 'em to remind me
What it felt like for you and me
to be free

I don't want the treasure that they hold, dear
I just want a loving memory
Don't take the diamonds

We had a love here
Now a good thing gone
And for the life of me I can't
figure out where we both went wrong
Just like a movie, a sad country song
We stay together for the thrill of the kill
And now that's gone

So leave, but leave behind a momento
One thing that can carry me on
Don't take the diamonds

I'm thinkin' about it
The way we just take
Our love is like a blueprint for
The thievery that we make
But now that it's over
And we'll soon part
I just need a way to make it okay
Make it right with my heart

I don't want the treasure that they hold, dear
I just want a loving memory
Don't take the diamonds


Americana Hit Kit EP, Heart and Mind Half Gone

Set List

Can be anywhere from 20 minutes to two and a half hours. We play originals and covers. Our best-known covers include "All I Have to Do Is Dream" and "Hopelessly Devoted to You." We do covers of country, rock, gospel and blues.