The Doug Hawk Proposition

The Doug Hawk Proposition


The Doug Hawk Proposition is a four-piece ensemble that hails from Lehigh Valley, PA. Fronted by vocalist, keyboardist and principal composer Doug Hawk, the group presents a unique, cerebral sound which can be described as at once historically soulful yet progressively hip. You will Dig Doug!!!


Doug Hawk graduated from Moravian College in 1998. During his time there, Hawk was the featured soloist in numerous opera and choral ensembles, performed at the Villanova Jazz Festival, toured England and Scotland with the College choir, and was a catalyst in the school’s development of a major in jazz voice.

After graduation in 1998, Hawk began performing regularly with award-winning funk/jazz/R&B group Rhino Campground and experimental/pop/jazz trio ThreeMonKs. Both groups released multiple, well-received recordings and maintained busy performance schedules, including opening for Bob Marley’s Wailers. Largely because of his work with these groups, he won the 2002 & 2007 Lehigh Valley Music awards for Best Male Vocalist. Groups of which he has been a part of have also opened for the likes of such luminaries as Steely Dan and Michael McDonald.

Hawk continues to hone his unique vocal skills. He has "hung" with saxophone greats Dave Liebman and Jimmy Heath as well as jazz vocal legend Mark Murphy, who praised his “flights into fine improv and musical delights.” Other studies with groundbreaking vocalist J.D. Walter, improvisational guru Rhiannon and pianist/composer/educator Skip Wilkins figure prominently in his style. He performs frequently with The Doug Hawk Proposition, a jazz/R&B group in which he sings, plays keyboards and is the principal composer and shares the vocalist chair in the Tony Gairo Dectette, a Philadelphia-based ten-piece jazz ensemble. Hawk currently maintains a private teaching studio in the Lehigh Valley where he is a voice coach.


Feel So Low

Written By: Doug Hawk

Oh, I feel so low for letting go
But I hope you see that it wasn’t just me
You keep coming up with something that you made up out of nothing
And you cry like you know it’s going out of style.
Let it go it’s never gonna turn out any better
The picture that your mind has painted, it just ain’t

Time ain’t on our side, it never was
Like you and me, a leaf and a tree, capriciously
If nothing ever died then we’d never see the wonder
in the thunder and the rain…a spring that’s born again.
We’re blind to the signs that show us how we blunder
And err, to be fair it’s just not there.

Caught in a Quiet Room

Written By: Doug Hawk

I’m caught in a quiet room with no one to listen to
It’s not the way I choose to be
An empty seat next to me
The seed of my destiny
Keeping the best of me from you

Life is such misery. Life just won’t set me free
How can one love at all when all that they’ve loved is gone??

Take what she’s given you and keep it right next to you
Let all your words be true indeed.
For tomorrow may never come.
When nothing can be undone.
Where I am the only one in need


It’s the best and the worst of things
The twist of this tragedy
Is how something so sad can lead
To so much growth

Life is a mystery. Life’s more than history.
Where it has been is gone
Best thing is to move on. Go on.


Written By: Doug Hawk

Take a load off me, let me be free
Can’t take this ceiling or all these walls anymore
Praise your majesty, he breeds catatstrophe
But pure lies don’t make a man divine

I wanna work the land, feel the earth in my hand
You know that living shouldn’t cost a thing
But that’s what’s happening

Tied to a rope that keeps getting shorter
There ain’t nothing I can do
I know that I’m a slave

Time has crossed sand and I’ve become a man.
But a boy tells me how I stand.
Do you understand??
Man, I’d love to leave but there’s no place to be
Where it’s just her and me completely, eternally

Tied to a road that keeps getting longer
As slaves go, the worst kind
Doesn’t know that he’s a slave
To a world that keeps getting darker
Don’t deny this mess we’ve made
That’s why we’re all slaves


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I Come From Nowhere - streaming/radio airplay

Set List

The group plays anywhere from 1 hour sets to full 4 hour performances depending on the nature of the gig. While we are focused on our original music, we understand the importance of familiarity to a listener's ear -- especially over the course of an entire evening. Our set list comprises tunes from many different artists including but not limited to: Stevie Wonder, The Police, John Lennon, Hall and Oates, Peter Tosh and Pink Floyd. Each member of the group has studied jazz in college so we are also able to do many jazz standards in our own unique way.