The Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir


Imagine if Echo and the Bunnymen, PJ Harvey and The Red House Painters agreed to meet for a late night cocktail in a quiet, dimly lit, back alley pub. With this thought in mind, you're on the right path to uncovering the cinematic, ungerground pop world of the Boston based band The Douglas Fir.


The Douglas Fir has "a flair for the cinematic," melding UK-style dreaminess and the panoramic sounds of indie music, while maintaining moody pop sensibilities.

The Boston-based four piece has achieved critical success with two seven-inch vinyl singles, a CDEP, and in January 2004 the Fir released “When This Wear’s Off,” their debut 14 song full length on Dark Years Records. The album was mixed by Matthew Ellard, who has worked with Elliott Smith, Tayna Donelly, Mike Watt, Billy Bragg/Wilco, and Jesse Malin.

In addition to garnering outstanding national reviews in publications, such as CMJ, Amplifier, The Big Takeover, Magnet, The Boston Globe, and the All Music Guide, The Douglas Fir was also recognized as the Best Local New Act in the Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll.

In June of 2004, Seattle radio station KEXP invited The Douglas Fir to perform live on air as KEXP broadcasted from The Museum of TV and Radio on 52nd Street in Manhattan. Other on air guests included The Wrens, Ambulance LTD, Ben Lee, Clem Snide and Robbers on High Street.

Several of the Fir’s songs were recently licensed and used by MTV in their Real World/Road Rules Series of shows. Additionally, ASCAP has recognized the Fir’s songwriting by presenting the band with a 2004 ASCAP Popular Music award.

The Douglas Fir has performed live with with numerous national acts including The Wrens, The South (U.K.), Metric, The Pernice Brothers, The Church, Pinback, Cobra Verde, Number One Cup, Her Space Holiday, Twinemen (ex-Morphine), Wheat, and many others...


At the Hotel

Written By: Jay Walsh / Hungry Head Music, ASCAP

At the hotel a couple checks in
It’s the last night of the rest of their lives
At the hotel all the clocks face the wall
And with hands like knives
They cut through it all
At the hotel Bob Pollard stumbles to his room
And pens five new albums all before high noon
At the hotel in room 69 Love Songs
The Magnetic Fields tune in left of the dial
At the hotel I send you over one last drink
You float away from the bar on butterfly wings
At the hotel what you crave is coming true
And with unopen arms you welcome me to your room

I Think I Loathe You

Written By: Jay Walsh / Hungry Head Music, ASCAP

I button my coat and fall out in the snow
And follow your footprints wherever they go
They lead me down through the woods
Past the half frozen lake
Where my reflections reflect on my missed mistakes
I think I loathe you
And although my vantage is skewed
And this moment inopportune
I think I loathe you
Like and old Super 8 camera
I gleam high speed glimpses of you
That I never thought I’d see
Kodachrome white thoughts of impurity
In light underexposed so only our eyes can see
I think I loathe you
And although my vantage is skewed
And this moment inopportune
I think I loathe you
(Her hair was engine red like fire)
(On a high trapeze without a wire)
(The truth rolls off your tongue like a liar)
(You dirty up the clean in the mire)
(The wheel fell off of your spare tire)
(No one believes the town crier)
(The first day on the job you retire)
(One last breath as you expire)


2004 - When This Wears Off • 14 Song Album
2002 - The Vinyl Singles Archive • Six song CD/EP
2000 - My Favorite Thing • 7 inch VINYL single
1999 - Unwelcome • 7 inch VINYL single

Set List

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