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The Down And Outs

Cumberland, Rhode Island, United States | INDIE

Cumberland, Rhode Island, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Punk


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The best kept secret in music


"Down and Outs, The - Cacophony"

Reviewed by: Schmidty Says (04/30/10)
The Down and Outs - Cacophony
Record Label: JOA Records
Release Date: January 5, 2010


Coming at you from Cumberland, Rhode Island, are The Down and Outs. Never heard of 'em? No big deal! Armed with their debut full length, these dudes are bringing nonstop circle pits to a stereo near you!

How Is It?

Fast and furious: it puts Vin Diesel and Paul Walker to shame. Remember back in 1999 when you played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and that first track kicked in as your skater went down the ramp in the first level? Well, this album is reminiscent of that. For fans of skate punk, it's pure joy.

Musically, it's exactly what you'd expect: machine gun drumming and fast paced guitars. What's different about the music? Well, they let the bass shine. Check out the second track, "Honor Not Pride," and revel in the joy of the bass solo that's about a minute and 32 seconds in. The bass isn't the only thing that stands out musically, as the guitar work is extremely tight and the drumming is spot on. These dudes can play their instruments. Lyrically, they approach the topics of moshing at shows (the aforementioned "Honor Not Pride"), following your dreams and making music even though your parents think you're "fucking up" ("All Because of You), drinking a beer ("Sitting Down Drinking Beer"), a somewhat tongue-in-cheek approach at gay rights ("Scarlet Letter"), and an ode to doing what you want and living your life to the fullest ("Gone Before You Know").

The Down and Outs aren't changing the world, but they don't have to. The music is short, loud, and fast. What more can you ask for? These guys are making fun music, so put it on and follow the example given in "Sitting Down Drinking Beer": grab a beer, sit on your throne, and don't bother with anything else except the music.

Recommended If You Likeold school skate-punk, NOFX, Smartbomb, Rehasher -

"The Down And Outs - Cacophony"

Written by: PP on 24/3-10 at 14:27:36
"Cacophony" by The Down And Outs is one of those punk rock albums that's painful for a reviewer. Not because it's a bad album, but because it's so difficult to describe in detail, as a simple sentence stating "a touch of NOFX in the guitars and the vocals, shout along choruses and plenty of skatepunk energy" is all it takes to get a good feeling of how the record sounds like. Not much more is needed because in all honesty, that statement will be enough for any fan of raw NOFX-skatepunk from mid 90s to check out this album. But here goes anyway.

From the get go, you recognize the melodic ring in the guitars to be none other than mid 90s, "Punk In Drublic" / "White Thrash Two Heebs & A Bean"-era NOFX. In places, the similarity is overwhelming - hell, even the artwork is NOFX-inspired - and elsewhere it's just slightly present at the back of your head. The Down And Outs even inject the occasional ska-punk piece (see "All Because Of You") in the midst of their otherwise high-octane delivery to complete the comparison. So does that mean that they're a no good clone band that'll make no impression on the listener? Well, sounding like one of the best punk bands to have stood on this planet is never really that bad of an issue, especially when you spice it up with hardcore punk passages ("Lost Control"), melodic pop-punk sounding tracks ("Sick Of It All"), a funny public service announcement about proper electrical socket safety, gang-vocal driven drinking songs ("Sitting Down Drinking Beer") and infectiously catchy songs like "Scarlet Letter" and many others.

So what's the conclusion? If you can't get enough of NOFX like me, then "Cacophony" offers 40 minutes worth of solid, directly NOFX-influenced skatepunk bringing back the much loved 90s sound of a band that today sounds much different than they did back then. Of course, there are other bands doing the same thing like Hit The Switch and Nicotine, but The Down And Outs stand strong alongside these names with some darn catchy songs. [7]
Download: Scarlet Letter, Honor Not Pride, The Fight
For the fans of: NOFX, Nicotine, Hit The Switch
Listen: Myspace

Release date 05.01.2010
Self-Released / Tang Pang Records (Japan) -

"Schizophrenic skatepunk. It’s an album of two halves."

The Down and Outs begin the album with an old-fashioned 90s style of skatepunk with simple chord sequences and tunes, shiny vocal harmonies and a touch of ska, not unlike early Millencolin or even 88 Fingers Louie. So I was listening to the first half of this album and pretty much the only things that crossed my mind were “yeah, skatepunk!”, “this song is quite long” and “hmm, their style is quite nice”

The Public Service Announcement in the middle of the album confused me a bit, I thought I was listening to Spotify and one of their adverts had kicked in, until I realised the sheer randomness and non-sequitur nature of the content.

After the PSA, the album improved considerably, with a few short riotous songs and some edgier Bigwig style power, altogether a lot more creativity and variation in the songs, some standout bass riffs and classic little jumps and chugs in the rhythm. It felt like I’d listened to a split album of two artists, and while not much really grabbed me on the first half, there were many more times on the second half that made me think “hey, that was fucking cool!”. -

"The Down and Outs - Cacophony (JOA Records)"

There's a recent resurgence of Providence pop punk bands, music influenced by labels like Fat Wreck Chords and the bands Descendents and All—fast with fist pumping shout-along choruses. The tracks "All Because of You" and "Bridges and Breakdowns" add some ska and there's a surprise hyper-speed cover of a Paula Abdul song and a comical PSA. The catchiness of the choruses carries the pop end of things and with four songs under ninety seconds, they also have the punk end covered. - mark - 75 Or Less


Cacophony (2010) - 13 track full length. Over 300 copies sold in 4 countries. Distributed nationally in Japan via Tang Pang Records

The Greatest Hits!!! (2007) - 6 song debut EP. Over 200 copies sold in 3 countries.



The Down And Outs is a punk rock band based out of Providence RI. Over the last three years they've taken both the local and international fronts by storm with their fast and melodic brand of skatepunk reminiscent of the sound that dominated the SoCal scene of the 90s. 2007 saw the release of the band's 6 song EP dubbed "The Greatest Hits!!!". The disc was well received not only by the local circuit, but worldwide, reaching as far as Canada and Japan. Since it's release, The Down And Outs have been on the road seemingly nonstop having shared their music with audiences in MA, CT, NY, PA, and NJ and beginning to build a fan base that extends far beyond the Providence city limits.

The Down And Outs reached an all time high in 2009. The year kicked off with a bang as they earned themselves a spot on the WBRU Rock Hunt Semifinals, having beat out nearly 200 bands in the process. They can still be heard in regular rotation on the radio station's "Home Brew'd" program. As the year was coming to a close, the band was contacted by Tang Pang Records of Japan (home to Propagandhi, Hit The Switch, etc). The label took notice of the extensive Japanese sales of "The Greatest Hits!!!" and the buzz it was creating for The Down And Outs overseas.

To kick off 2010, The Down And Outs released their first full length record "Cacophony". Since it's release on January 5th, the disc has already sold over 300 copies throughout the US, Canada, Japan, and Belgium.

With two internationally selling records under their belts and a work ethic unparalleled by others, The Down And Outs can only keep moving forward and continue carving a niche for themselves in the stone wall that is the music industry.