The Downfalls

The Downfalls


Redefining the concept of a power trio for the modern rock age, The Downfalls mix the high-octane intensity of old school garage and punk with the pomp-and-circumstance of 70's glam in a sweaty brew soaked in the emotional urgency of current indie rock.


With the self-release of their debut album Last Night, The Downfalls deliver on the promise of their incendiary live shows with a twelve-song journey that is both cathartic and unique. Produced by Scott Tusa (who has worked with other notable local acts such as Scissors for Lefty and Bellavista), Last Night spins out the big hooks with tales of life's great discontents. Singer/guitarist Mark Bornstein's distinctive voice infuses each song with the drama of Ziggy-era Bowie, delivered with the snarled angst of Billie Joe Armstrong. Elbowing their way over the infectious melodies and soaring choruses, Mark Nichoson's driving bass lines and Lance Mathyssen's stadium-sized drumming form a clenched-fist rhythm section that sends each song into sonic overdrive. From the opening stomp of the pop single "All the Way" to the epic triptych of "Empty Sky," The Downfalls remind us not just what rock music is supposed to sound like -- but what it feels like.


Debut album, Last Night, is now available! Tracks are available for preview and purchase on iTunes, CDBaby, MySpace, SnoCap, iMeem, and wherever fine tunes are downloaded.

Set List

We have 30, 45 and 60 minute setlists. Longer is available if required.

45 Minute Setlist:
Turns me On
Killing 17
Radio Action
ghost of Megan
London's Falling
Typhoid Mary
It Goes On
So Good