The Downing Street Years

The Downing Street Years


The Downing Street Years are a boy and a girl with an ear for the
unusual, abusing whatever instruments they can to express their thoughts
on life, love and crayons…


After playing together in numerous 3 pieces, Laura (drums, vox) &
Andy (guitar, vox) wrote a few songs as a duo and got a racket on!
A shared love of the amazing live shows of
Man Man, Bellowhead, and Gogol Bordello means they put on a
live show to remember. This usually means a 25 minute burst of noise,
energy and schizophrenic song changes, leaving the audience bemused,
amused and exhilerated.
“From the second they get on stage and start inflicting their energetic
ways onto unsuspecting crowds i almost wish i still took drugs so i
could run excitedly through the venue and smash my head into a monitor.
To the untrained ear it’s all just a noise, to everyone in the know
it’s a form of loud, brilliant and beautiful insanity. They say there’s
a thin line between a genius and a madman, well these two are absolutely
barking mad and there’s no lines in sight”

Joel Ransom, Express Fm