The Down Low

The Down Low


Our music is to inspire people with the same problems as us and for people of all ages to enjoy good music with no screaming and kill your self music our music is for people to enjoy and to be herd everywhere.


We are The Down Low. We are a three piece alternative/punk-rock/pop-rock band from Northeast Philadelphia. We all went to the same high school and all met each other threw basketball. we all have the same taste in music and enjoy all different types. You could compare us to The Starting Line, The Early November, Valencia, All Time Low, The Scene Aesthetic, Just Surrender, etc. Even though we are not much of a screaming band at all, our singer has been compared to the lead singer of Pierce The Veil and also The Rocket Summer We have catchy songs, true lyrics, and fun songs to sing along to.


We Have a Demo and we are going to the studio this month to record a cd.

Set List

we change our set list every show but here are our songs
1.If Oj is innocent then your guilty
2. Directors Cut
3. Cupids a Straight up killer
4. Your Last Mistake
5. Our Last Dance
6. Keep The Change You filthy Animal
and we do 3 covers
hidden in plain view-20 below
Weatus-teenage dirt bag
beyonce irreplaceable