The Drab Doo-Riffs

The Drab Doo-Riffs

 Auckland, Auckland, NZL

If you were at a party on the Starship Enterprise on its way to crash Bo Diddleys beach hop you would probably be listening to The Drab Doo-Riffs!


One of the latest bands signed to Liberation Music, The Drab Doo-Riffs, with their hands-on, hard-working style and reputation of unwaning motivation, have become one of New Zealand’s most well-loved bands.
And in their 3 short years they have come to be one of the most respected.

Fronted by the infamously energetic Karl Steven, of multi-platinum selling, iconic kiwi group Supergroove, the Doo-Riffs gained momentum within their first year worth a double take.
Opening for international act Kitty, Daisy and Lewis and releasing the first of what is now three EP’s, “Bury Me In Drab” which sold out before they could get used to the sight of them, the life of the band started out like the universe;  with a bang....which shows no signs of stopping.

Highlights have included playing the Big Day Out music festival, two Australian tours and a few national tours to boot. Opening for The Cult, nabbing a New Zealand on Air Recording Artist’s Grant and more recently, a national tour with kiwi favourite, Liam Finn. The band's second EP "Postcards From Uranus" sold out as quickly as "Bury Me…" and in 2011 they released their newest EP "A Fistful Of Doo-Riffs" on 10" vinyl as well as on cd. With a 3D poster enclosed in the sleeve, this release the Riffs feel is the most apt representation of themselves so far. The spaghetti western theme of the cover art and a country influenced track in amongst some of their most edgy tunes yet, all in a 10" format, "A Fistful.." compliments their old-school, analog aesthetic and the 3D poster contributes to the sci-fi element of the band.

The animated video for single "Hot Tanya" (made by Doo-Riff bassist M.F Joyce) showcases also the sci-fi aspect. It has skeleton Doo-Riffs performing on the planet Uranus while their buddy Spock gets in to trouble with a space monster. A new animated video for latest single "I'm Depressed" is soon to come out.

With words like ‘respected’ and ‘hard-working’ being used it wouldn’t be unreasonable to imagine a somewhat serious vibe about The Drab Doo-Riffs. But it's the type of respect that comes from consistence. It’s like the acknowledgment one has for someone who can be relied on to throw a killer party every time.  The hard work they put in is to keep to that killer standard and for the same reasons it was first set.

The ethos of the band is to give a good time for everyone, themselves included. They play music they themselves would enjoy watching live and could throw their own bodies around to. Preferring not to indulge the chasm between performer and audience, they aim to create one living party entity out of the contents of a venue. Such an attitude has not gone unappreciated. The Drab Doo-Riffs have received constant critical acclaim.

It would be incorrect to say what some might say, that The Drab Doo-Riffs stand out amongst all the mediocre imitations of past and more potent rock’n’roll which the world appears to have boundless patience for. It would be inaccurate as such acts are not their peers, not whom they share a musical, live landscape with.
There is an exciting and impressive scene in their turf ground of Auckland City that they are proud to be part of. But even next to all the good stuff The Drab Doo-Riffs stand out. No one is more fun-loving. No one gives as much energy. No one else puts on a show like them, and if they do, it doesn’t feel nearly as welcoming and as if you’re as much part of the ecstatic fever they're creating as they are, no matter what size stage they’re on.


7" - cheeseontoast single release
EP - Bury me in drab
EP - Postcards from Uranus
10" EP - Fistful of Doo-Riffs

Set List

Drives Me Crazy
Plan 9
Im Depressed
Gold Coin
Ill Equipped
E Street
Hot Tanya
Lunatic Fringe
I Wanna Be Spock
Broke It Up
Black Frog
Garden City Baby
Fantastic Voyage
Do The Cat
Tesla Girl
Pour Vous