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"Anachronistic Wunderkind"

“... Exeter High School's anachronistic wunderkind, The Dramadies. A four-piece dedicated to capital "R" Rock 'n' Roll, the band channeled an era when arena rock could still deliver emotion, before it devolved into full blown hair metal. This moment in musical culture actually took place a decade before most of the band was born, but The Dramadies proved they have the chops to transcend the novelty of their age. Singer and guitarist Chelsea Paolini, still in 10th grade, showed off not only an ability to play her instrument but to perform for and engage an audience.” -Erik Salvaggio, The Wire
- The Wire

"Some Pretty Impressive Lead Guitar"

"(The Dramadies) have been receiving some well deserved buzz as of late for winning a number of different ‘Battle of the Bands’ competitions throughout New Hampshire. And I’m a sucker for a female front-women (Chelsea Paolini) who can not only sing and sway but plays some pretty impressive lead guitar." -Laurel Brauns, The Red Door, Portsmouth, NH
- The Red Door

"Guitar Heroine"

"These are wonderful songs; well written, composed and performed. ... About time we had a guitar heroine!" -Steve Capron, WSCA Portsmouth
- WSCA Portsmouth

"Kick-ass Musicianship"

"Outstanding classic sound with a modern twist. Kick-ass musicianship. Great vibe all-in-all." -Tim Deal, NH Edge Radio - NH Edge Radio

"Heavy Grooving Rock and Roll"

"The Dramadies, a female fronted blues rock band from up north, really changed the night around with a heavy grooving, rock and roll jam style with lots of Stevie Ray Vaughn style bass and guitar unisons, and solo trading.”
-Nic Robertson Bodog Music
- Bodog Music

"This Chick Can Rock!"

"...the songwriting is superb, the arrangements awesome! ...I got chills. ...this chick can rock! -eXtreme Helen, WSCA Portsmouth - WSCA Portsmouth

"The Dramadies Show Where Music is Headed"

There was a time in music culture when straight rock `n' roll with an edge was what was "in." Since then it's been replaced by watered down radio-ready pop, which rarely catches a glimpse of anything remotely interesting, let alone good of fashioned rock music.

Exeter-based band the Dramadies are looking (and I'm hoping they're successful) to change that. They've got a six song, self-titled EP that displays glimpses into genius and is a blueprint to where Seacoast music, and possibly national tunage, is headed. Believe me, we need it.

Chelsea Paolini has the rocking lead woman sound, and guitar chops any player 10 years her senior wishes they had (oh, the Dramadies are still in high school ... but you knew that). Tom Power's keyboards mixed with Paolini's ferocious chops and the rhythm section (which consists of Greg Batch and Evan Lerch of Skamasutra) shuttles the band straight back to the late 1970s when this music was at its peak in popularity.

Being the winners at the recent Exeter battle of the bands, runner-up at Chester College's competition with the same title, and Paolini's "best guitarist" nod (from judges ranging from WFNX employees to recording professionals) at a Milford competition, the band is surely striving to be heard, and rightfully so. They've got a buzz among them that hasn't been seen in years on the Seacoast. They're doing everything right it seems. Being tough to get into the local club scene because of their age, they've stayed plenty busy at these competitions, as well as being named house band for the Sad Cafe in Plaistow.

The band has limitless potential to grow. They've got some interest ing sounds on their EP including
the fourth cut "Away and Gone," which displays Paolini's songwriting skills, and a sultry saxophone
solo smack in the middle of it all, which adds a new dimension to the distorted `70s rock that The Dramadies are swinging. - The Portsmouth Herald

"A Fresh, Incredibly Talented Group"

"Which leads me to the real highlight of the evening, Exeter based, The Dramadies. There is nothing like hearing a fresh, incredibly talented group putting their heart and soul into their own music. The Dramadies, Chelsea Paolini on guitar and vocals, Tom Powers, keyboard, Greg Baldi, bass and Evan Lerch, drums, are the real deal. Each member is an accomplished musician and together they create a powerful and infectious sound. This is impressive at any age, but given that three members of the band are still in high school and one is a recent graduate, it’s downright extraordinary. At the heart of The Dramadies is 17-year-old Chelsea Paolini. She writes the songs, is the lead singer and plays the guitar like nobody’s damn business. More than that, she brings a presence to the stage that is utterly captivating – that indefinable quality that makes all the difference. Keep an eye out for these guys. They are well worth it." - The Wire


The Dramadies (EP) Released August, 2006



Exeter's anachronistic wunderkind, The Dramadies, are a female fronted four-piece dedicated to heavy-grooving rock & roll and psychedelic jams. 17 year-old guitar heroine Chelsea Paolini is backed impressively by a trio of accomplished musicians; Greg Baldi (bass), Tom Power (keyboard) and Evan Lerch (drums). Together they create a powerful and infectious sound.

"They've got a buzz among them that hasn't been seen in years on the Seacoast." "Glimpses into genius" "This chick can rock!" “Kick-ass musicianship”

Paolini is also the band’s guitarist and songwriter. Her playing is astonishing, even more so when you consider she’s still in high school.

Despite their ages The Dramadies already hold several Battle of the Bands titles and a Best Guitarist nod for Paolini.

• The Dramadies haved shared the stage with internationally known Lez Zeppelin.
• Bassist Greg Baldi (ex-Skamasutra) and drummer Evan Lerch (Skamasutra) have opened for major acts including The Toasters, The Slackers and Streetlight Manifesto with Skamasutra.
• The single “Window Seats” has been featured on WFNX’s New England Product.
• WSCA radio in Portsmouth, NH has twice featured The Dramadies in live on-air performances.
• NH Edge Radio recorded The Dramadies live at The Red Door in Portsmouth and featured their music in a podcast.
• The Dramadies were recently named the new house band at The Sad Café.