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"Michelle's Review"

"NYU grad and onetime classical piano prodigy pulls off convincingly emotive and full-throated early-Mariah-style r&b on her Second Guesses debut. And as a bonus, she writes all her own songs."

-- Chuck Eddy, Village Voice (March 2005)
- Village Voice

"Dan's Review"

THIS WEEK’S MIX (Hit's Magazine)

Singer-songwriter Dan Zweben’s six-song EP, Made in the USA, so bristles with energy and hooks it’s like a sweet cup of coffee in a jewel case. Though he adds some rootsy elements to the mix, the melodies are right down the middle for adult-pop fans. Label and pubco peeps who’ve been keeping an eye on Zweben for a while now will certainly take notice...
- Hits Magazine

"Michelle's Review"

Too good for radio?

Small wonder that we haven't heard Michelle Albano on the radio yet. The 25-year-old from Melville has released a terrific debut disc called "Second Guesses," which is filled with well-crafted, piano-based pop anchored by her appealing, soulful voice.

From the propulsive opener "Bye Baby" to the moody closer, "Painting by Numbers," Albano touches on slick pop tunes, chugging piano-rockers, even a bit of R&B. Fortunately, her voice can handle it: Albano falls somewhere between Jewel and Mariah Carey, with more lung-power than the former and less schmaltz than the latter.

Even the soundtrack-ready ballads are a cut above. "Lullaby of the Passing Cars," for instance, starts off with the obligatory rainy-day piano chords and sensitive guitar line, but Albano makes it work with some inspired vocal phrasing and winning lyrics. "If I have to make this cereal box into dinner for the week," she sings, "Then that's what I'll do."

– Rafer Guzmán, Newsday (September 2005)
- Newsday

"Dan's Song Placements"

Dan's songs have been featured on a variety of nationally syndicated TV shows such as Smallville, Ghost Whisperer, The Real World, Dismissed, etc. - Publishing


Move over, Fleetwood Mac, the Dramas are in town. With a sound compared to the iconic and legendary music group, Michelle Albano and LA transplant Dan Zweben look to carve their own take on harmony-driven and lush pop/rock, a sound perfected by Mick Fleetwood and company almost 35 years ago.

You may have seen them at the 57th annual Songwriter's Showcase in New York or one of their many shows in LA. The Dramas are expecting a full-length debut sometime in the fall.

Their sound is what makes this New York City-based act the Dramas our You Gotta Know for the month of September. - September 2006

"The Radar Report with Billy Zero"

Featured artist week of 7/27/06 - 8/3/06

The R>A>D>A>R REPORT started in the late 90's as a concept to alert the industry to the presence of amazing and talented musicians. By 2000 the report was email only and had no home for the amazing audio being discovered.

Then came XM SATELLiTE RADiO and with this new medium an amazing new form of exposure for the emerging musician.
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By 2002 the R>A>D>A>R REPORT was gearing up for the debut of the First Audio Version of the Report. The First Audio Version of the Report had it's debut on January 3rd, 2003, with the first Visual Version in March of 2003.

Since then the show has grown in popularity and the number of people on the email list has grown to over 3,000.

Now you can hear the show broadcast from XM SATELLiTE RADiO's Headquarters in Washington DC on XMU Channel 43. Also on Direct TV, channel 831, and on AOL. - XM Satellite Radio, August 2006

"The Deli Magazine"

Chill Drama

The Dramas are 2 things. One is a newly formed NYC based band already impressing DJs on XM Satellite Radio and Musiqtone (which named them as their most recent "You Gotta Know" group). The other is an oxymoron. Their name brings up stressful situation, full of misunderstandings, arguments and, well, drama. Yet their melodies are relaxed, smooth, and very chill. Combine this with the harmonic vocal styling between Michelle Albano and Dan Zweben, that are reminiscent of Fleedwood Mac, and you have an incredibly easy and pop-happy band, one completely free of drama. Which side will win out? See for yourself on Monday 8/21 at Mercury Lounge, 8pm. - by S. Davis - August 21st, 2006

"Good Times Magazine"

"...One of the area's most accomplished vocalists, Michelle Albano, has resurfaced in a new band, The Dramas. The album was mixed by Ernie Fortunato at Studio F. Look for a review of this new release in the 8/29/06 issue." - August 1, 2006

"Good Times Magazine"

Talented area pop vocalist Michelle Albano seemed on the verge of solo stardom, but stop the presses: The new EP by her new band, The Dramas, is the best work she’s ever done.

The ever-alluring Albano has joined forces with vocalist and guitarist Dan Zweben, drummer Diego Voglino, bassist Paul Socolow, and guitarist Jason Darling in this new act, which already boasts pronounced polish and songwriting ability. This five-song sampler sounds sonically fantastic (credit s to Hoboken Recorders and Studio F), looks even better, and has a wistful, yearning, romantic tone that’s as fresh sounding as it is radio ready. Think CSN for the modern era.

The opener “Somebody’s Gonna Love You,” is a worthy choice for a first single, if the band chooses to go that route; a melancholy chord structure, gorgeous electric guitars, and a hopeful lyric merge to make the tune stick in the mind like a dream you just can’t forget. Albano, as always, is a lush singer with an original, emotive style that never pushes too hard, and her harmony work with Zweben is as gorgeous as the performer herself.

Other choice cuts include “Something More” and the slam-the-door “Goodbye,” as good a breakup song as we’ve ever heard. This is romantic, stylish music that bows to no trends or “American Idol”/”SuperNova” false cunning. It’s fine music in the classic sense, with warm melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and great signing. In a year where most area bands seem stuck in a 1987 time warp, these are some Dramas we don’t mind having in our lives – and in our CD players.

For more information on the band, log on to
– Syl Nathan - August 29, 2006

"The Vermont Guardian"

By Alan Lewis | Special to the Vermont Guardian

In the coming weeks, music patrons can see the arrival on the Vermont music scene of a new band just getting started, along with a veteran of the state’s music scene.

The Dramas, which formed just months ago, will soon make its Vermont debut at Nectar’s in Burlington. Meanwhile, Merrie Amsterburg, who is coming to the Cambridge Coffeehouse in Jeffersonville, is a Green Mountain veteran from her days fronting the 80s/90s band The Natives.

Singer-songwriters Dan Zweben and Michelle Albano saw strength in numbers and teamed up in January as The Dramas.

“We were both solo artists before we formed The Dramas and realized as a duo/band we had a better chance to reach a bigger audience,” recalled Zweben. “What we are doing is different from what we hear out there right now. We are not trying to fit into a sound but more trying to cultivate our own sound. Michelle comes from a more pop/soul background, whereas I come from a more rock/alt-country background.”

“Although we grew up in the 80s,” said Albano, “I think it was more so the singer-songwriters and bands from the 60s and 70s that inspired us to become musicians and writers.”

The Dramas’ five-song, melodically strong debut release, The Actual Truth, has drawn comparisons to harmony groups such as Crosby, Stills & Nash and especially to Fleetwood Mac. Such comparisons are particularly apt because, like these 60s/70s bands of reference, this duo has potentially broad, national appeal. Put into the right hands, The Dramas’ The Actual Truth could draw major-label interest.

“Both of us had been a part of a burgeoning music scene in New York and Los Angeles before we came together,” explained Zweben. “We’ve seen our friends get signed, make records, get dropped by labels. The clear thing we have learned is you must develop your audience on your own with or without label support.

“We’ve found that the Dramas are playing the same venues trying to reach the same audience that a signed artist is going for,” he continued. “We are not against signing with a major label, but the more development you do before the deal the better the chances for success. We also found when it came to recording that the more people that got involved, the more the music suffered.”

Albano said what she likes about this band is that “there are two lead singers with very distinct voices, and together we are able to produce a sound that helps us stand out in the crowd.”

“I’ve toured solo,” said Zweben, “mostly through the Southeast — through North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia — but this is the first time The Dramas are getting out on the road and touring. We are playing in Montreal a few days before our show in Burlington. We have only played NYC and LA so far, so we are excited to see what the response will be like.” - December 1, 2006


Spring 2008 -- Talking to Strangers

Debut EP released May 2006 - available on iTunes

The Actual Truth EP

All songs music & lyrics by Albano/Zweben

Track Listing:

1. Green
2. Something More
3. Goodbye
4. Somebody's Gonna Love You
5. Speak



NYC singer/songwriter Michelle Albano and LA transplant Dan Zweben came together in the beginning of 2006 to form the pop/rock harmony-driven duo known as The Dramas. The Dramas made their debut with a performance at the 57th Annual Songwriter's Hall of Fame Showcase in March. Their song, "Something More" was recently featured in ABC's new hit dramedy "Men In Trees," as the closing song of the episode. They have also been featured on XM Satellite Radio's "The Radar Report" with Billy Zero, have received airplay on various other stations across the country including WLIR, and were selected as a "You Oughta Know" featured artist by

Their debut EP, “The Actual Truth,” released in July 2006, is filled with can’t-get-them-out-of-your-head hooks and lush vocal harmonies. Already drawing comparisons to a modern day Fleetwood Mac, thoughtful collaboration between the two is apparent here as they share strengths and trade leads, creating a sound that is truly authentic and unique. The Dramas performed all around New York and Los Angeles throughout the summer and will continue to spread the drama up and down the east coast with dates throughout the fall.

* "Something More" featured in ABC's new hit dramedy "Men In Trees," as the closing song of the episode

* Selected as's "You Oughta Know" featured artists for September 2006

* Selected as Discmakers Independent Music World Series 2006 Semi-finalists

* Featured on XM Satellite Radio's "The Radar Report" with Billy Zero