the Dreaded Paranoids

the Dreaded Paranoids

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In Cayce SC, the Geekiest Hardcore Gangsta rap group of all time originally started as a writing/recording project between Scott Higdon and Joshua Doten. Scott and Josh have written and recorded over 7 albums worth of material since 2001 with Mark Strait (North Hollywood Model Search). In 2004 Josh ran into Rob (Magyar, Old Bed) who was attending USC for Music. They began recording new original music together including some comedy and Hip-Hop for their podcast (Broken Records Radio). Though they never truly took their Hip-Hop writing to seriously, they recently decided after meeting Adam (Ozu, MC Donalds) that it might not be such a bad idea. Ground Breaking results ensued!!!

Their style varies drastically from most modern Hip-Hop due to their extensive taste in music. All 4 members have classical training in several instruments ranging from woodwind, brass, string, and percussion (even though most of these types of instruments don't get used during their recording sessions). All 4 members add different elements to their music and persona's. MC Don does all Art/Web direction, Old Bed develops original ideas for the songs, Geebo produces the Dreaded Paranoids tracks, and the Pope Higdonius creates the majority of the music that are the Phat ass beats underneath the Paranoid rappers. Higdonius is also the Main recording Engineer during the recording sessions.

The Dreaded Paranoids have recorded 2 albums worth of material (@ Broken Records Inc Studio in Cayce SC, owned by Doten and Higdon) with subjects ranging from Dungeons and Dragons to killing cops (all which is done purely in the name of comedy and NOT Geebo's extreme dislike for ego maniacal officers who believe they are above the law) to Alien Hos, smoking weed, and Pirates.


Dungeons, Dragons, and Demos - EP
the Dreaded Paranoids - LP