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"The Dreadnoughts: Legends Never Die"

This highly-anticipated release, (well, by me, anyways!) grabbed me immediately upon my first play through, living up to and even surpassing my expectations. No “How-do-you-dos” or needing to grow on me, No! Just here it is... BAM! A favorite new disc that I hadn’t heard before!

The Dreadnoughts’ sound is one of a driving, crunchy guitar at the helm of a tight and kinetic rhythm section that provides a dynamic underscore for the combination of traditional instruments that define each tune, specifically mandolin, fiddle, and one monster accordion. All these elements come together for an intricate and engaging backdrop for Ol’ Jimmy’s distinctive, rolling roar.

But at the end of the day, its the songs that carry the CD, and here is where Legends Never Die really shines! The disc’s 11 tracks include frantic and frenzied hornpipe and reel-based Celtic songs, and crashing and forceful whaling and maritime rants full of folk-tale, storytelling lyrics sung with fiery urgency, that blur the lines between contemporary songs and traditional tunes past the point of knowing where one ends and the other begins.

Legends Never Die may be the debut release by Vancouver quintet The Dreadnoughts, but it possesses all the confidence, muscle, and production of a seasoned outfit in the prime of their career.

Recommendation: You should really own this. Seriously.

Review by Christopher Toler, THE Blathering Gommel -

"Legends Never Die ~ The Dreadnoughts"

Mal ehrlich. Wer von Euch kennt die Dreadnoughts? Bestimmt nicht viele. Auch wir kannten sie nicht als die Debut-CD „Legends Never Die” im Briefkasten lag. Das Cover ziert das Bild des alten Schlachtschiffs aus dem 1. Weltkrieg, der Dreadnought. Sie selber beschreiben sich als Celtic Pirate Punk Band. Aber lest dazu mehr im Bandportrait von Daniel.

Auf ihrer Myspace Seite geben die Jungs aus Kanada eine ganze Latte von Einflüssen an. Darunter sind die Pogues, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Sex Pistols und The Levellers, aber auch Tom Waits oder The Men They Couldn’t Hang.

Musikalisch können die Dreadnoughts wahrscheinlich gar nicht anders als Vollgas zu geben. Und das alles in tollen Songs, die Melodie haben, aber ab gehen wie die Wutz im Wald. Begebt euch ruhig mal mit den Dreadnoughts auf eine Reise nach „Antarctica”. Aber schnallt euch an. Das Schiff könnte schneller segeln als gedacht. „Fire Marshall Willy” ist so richtig zum mitgrölen und „Elizabeth” scheint eine ziemlich aufregende Frau zu sein.

Die Texte erzählen schöne kleine Geschichten (z.B. “A Rambler’s Life”) und auch das A-Capella Stück “Roll The Woodpile Down” hört sich überhaupt nicht so lieblich an wie die Dinge, die wir hierzulande von Kapellen wie “Wise Guys” und ähnlichem serviert bekommen.

Es ist alles da, was man so für eine prima Celtic-Punk Kapelle braucht. Seamus Geige erreicht in den besten Momenten die Qualität von „Magic Daniel” von den Krusty Moors (wer Daniel mal geigen gehört hat, weiß was ich meine), die Band macht überall Dampf und nach einer Debut CD hört sich das nun überhaupt nicht an. - (German)

"The Dreadnoughts: Legends Never Die"

The Dreadnoughts are nothing new to all of us in the Celtic Rock…. but to many this band has remained underground until we started getting in requests for their music lately here from around the world. “Legends Never Die” is The Dreadnoughts first release, but this is not a CD made by amateurs… these musicians are by far more talented than some of their peers and other media give them credit for. To grasp the sound of this diverse group could be summed up as a mixture of Great Big Sea, Circle J, Finn’s Fury, Blaggards, and even some Flogging Molly mixed in between. “Legends Never Die” could have been in our Top CDs of the year for 2007… if only just they would have got it to us by then. Pick this one up today if you are looking for a little Sea Shanty, Celtic Trad Jigs, Celtic ROCK, and a little punk added to the mix. This is the next Celtic Rock band to watch for years to come! -

"The Dreadnoughts are punk's pirates"

Like pirates of yore, The Dreadnoughts love to pillage and plunder the ports in which they find themselves.

"When pirates got off their ships, they just wanted to party and they would party for days," says drummer Marco Pieri, who also goes by the charming stage moniker, Stupid Swedish Bastard.

Though their boat is a used tour van and the ports have been mostly mountain resort towns along the Trans-Canada Hwy., The Dreadnoughts bring a pirate spirit to every show they play.

"Pirates have a lot of energy and excitement," Pieri explains. "We try to have the same high energy for our live shows. We jump around like crazy."

The Vancouver five-piece take their cue from such Celtic-punk bands as Flogging Molly, The Real McKenzies and, of course, The Pogues.

Pieri says although he prefers punk of the SoCal variety, he understands why so many people like their punk with a traditional Celtic flare.

"For some reason, the fiddle makes people happy," he says. "I think the big thing is that people like to party and drink. It's easier for people to jump around to, and it's very accessible no matter if you like country or metal. You find a happy medium with Celtic rock or punk."

The Dreadnoughts formed 18 months ago after Pieri met singer Nick Smyth (aka The Fang) at a Vancouver bar.

The pair bonded over Pieri's NOFX T-shirt and decided to start a band.

They were soon joined by musicians Kyle Taylor (aka Seamus O'Flanahan on fiddle), bassist Katie Nordgren (The Wicked Witch of the Wench) and mandolin player Drew Sexsmtith (Dread Pirate Druzil.)

The group's first album, Legends Never Die, was released last year and features all original songs written by Smyth.

However, The Dreadnoughts are not opposed to covering songs by Johnny Cash and The Rolling Stones -- not to mention a manic version of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On -- in their live set.

"Our biggest trademark is our high-energy live show. It'll kill us one day."

The Dreadnoughts play tonight with guests Falling Pianos at Dickens Pub.

By: Lisa Wilton - The Calgary Sun

"Pirate Punk at Pogue"

Folk music is about telling your own story, which is why The Dreadnoughts needed a fiddle, an accordion, a mandolin, banjo and skin flute in their punk band.

Called Canada’s first pirate-punk band, the Celtic rockers are as influenced by Rancid and Gogol Bordello as they are Stan Rogers and Tom Waits.

“Most of our songs are about sailing and the sea and boats in general,’ said frontman Nicky Dread.

“We love these sorts of songs, the old sea shanties, but we want to inject something really rock and punk into them.”

Although Celtic punk isn’t a new concept and band’s have been getting better and better at fusing traditional Irish music with punk, Dread said, it was never that hard to begin with.

“In Celtic music there’s always been a stream on really energetic stuff, so the transition to punk is quite easy because all you do is add bass and drums and guitar to a sound that’s already there,” he said.

“We don’t speed up the songs at all, this is as fast as they’re supposed to be played.”

Sitting on the release of its yet untitled sophomore album, expected out on St. Patrick’s Day, The Dreadnoughts are kicking off a tour this weekend with a stop in Kamloops on Saturday night at Pogue Mahone, 843 Desmond St.

Not known as the best live band in Vancouver by critics for nothing, Dread said it’s going to be a good show.

“For us it’s all about energy,” he said.

“We don’t see us as being rock stars in front of people, it’s a communal thing. We’re there to have fun, and when you’re energetic it really helps everybody get into it and have fun.”

For more information, visit

by: Mikelle Sasakamoose - Kamloops this Week


2009 - "Victory Square"
- To be released in Europe in June 2009 (Leech Records).
- To be released in North America May 15th 2009 (Stomp Records).
2007 - "Legends Never Die" (Independent)



The Dreadnoughts are Vancouver's biggest, baddest, drunkest, punkest celtic band. One part roaring sea shanty, one part haunting Irish melody, and a solid chaser of gut-crunching street punk.

The Dreadnoughts take punk, celtic, and shanty-music seriously. They stay true to the ancient ballads and bawlers that once drove sailors around the world, and they smash out modern street-punk with a fury and intensity that is almost unmatched in their home city. Best of all, they do both at the same time.

Since their humble beginnings in 2006, drinking and playing in the roughest dive bars in the city, the Dreadnoughts have built a large and loyal following in Vancouver. They are often recognized as one of the best live bands in the city. They embrace the old-school destructive chaos of live punk, and they don't stop until the audience is exhausted, sweaty, happy, and usually pissed to the gills.

2009 marks a new era for The Dreadnoughts as joining up with Leech records out of Switzerland and Stomp Records out of Canada will enable extensive touring of Europe and Canada this summer in order to promote the second album "Victory Square" which is to be released in the late spring.

"Legends Never Die" is their first album, but it "possesses all the confidence, muscle, and production of a seasoned outfit in the prime of their career."

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