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"The Dreamcatchers Interview by Tamara Jenkins"

Music is a universal language, a language that crosses all walks of life as the human experiences and emotions conveyed through it can be understood and shared by all. No musical group better exemplifies this than The Dreamcatchers. - Unrated Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



What do you have when you fuse together blissful ambition, raw talent, and an international flare for creativity? I-Wise, Steeve Sam, Future, Parlay, Tone and Jay-Elz… in a nutshell… “The Dreamcathers”! Brought together via one common goal, one dream and one set of principals. Loyalty is the epicenter of this team’s foundation. It all started in late 2007. The idea hadn’t fully formulated but, there was definitely a sense of a much needed fusion on the horizon. Armed with dedication, these individuals saw the bigger picture. Strapped with the tenacity to create music to make you feel good…this dynamic team was born.

Baa-ith “I-wise” Nurri-Deen, rapper/songwriter, of East Orange, New Jersey was born June 11, 1980. The name I-Wise came form the actual definitions of I; “The One Who Is Speaking” and Wise; “Is Deeply Understood”. Wise’s hunger to get things off his chest enabled him to vent his frustrations on paper through poem. It grew more evident as he began to rhythmically give shape to his ideas. Coming from a previous situation with a former group; Deadly Collision; Wise’s creative genius proved time and time again on wax that he had world appeal. Unfortunately this situation did not last very long due to creative differences. In his absence from the group, it forced him to strengthen his own individual voice. Today he is a member of a strong force…The Dreamcatchers. With this being said, he is pivotal in molding his fellow cohorts into being as open, honest, and creative as possible.

Steeve Sam, the singer/songwriter is also another benefactor to this project. Steeve was born September 9, 1983. Coming from a cultural Haitian family he was presented with the drive to never give up. Hard work was the words others may have uttered. Steeve, on the other hand was told to make it work. For Steeve, music signifies the end of confusion and the beginning of self expression. As a young boy, Steeve Began expressing himself by writing love poems to attract the opposite sex. Upon realizing the power of unspoken word, Steeve took his creativity to another level. He began adding melodies to his poems hence awakening the singer inside. Through his love for music Steeve has been through many different forms of trial and error, only to find this calling to The Dreamcatchers. Steeve and I- Wise met in a previous musical endeavor only to realize their paths would somehow cross again. Both parties, privy to carousel ride of entertainment decided to make an old fashioned pact to keep the love of the craft inspiring and fresh.

Sa’id “Future” Williams, rapper/songwriter definitely lights The Dreamcatchers’ fire. Born October 13, 1987 in East Orange, NJ “The Future” had a special place for sports, which ranged from baseball, basketball and football. In fact, he met “Tone” (later to become a member) while playing pop warner football in his early childhood. While in grammar school, Sa’id was the face of retro hip hop. Back when hip hop was fresh and competitive, he was pegged the beat box machine. He and his friends would gather on the play ground and orchestrate genuine hip hop. It was there where Future remembered how hip hop basics made him feel good. He knew that if he could give the passion of creativity to the world through music alone he would leave his mark. Meeting back up with Tone, later introduced him to this super group.

Richard “Parlay” Copier, rapper/songwriter/engineer/producer bka the young visionary was born February 12, 1987 into a family of the arts. Richard Copier was born to his mother the model and his father the photographer in Paris, France. Richard, swept away by the creative scene took in: Jazz, Soul, and R&B. Even as an adolescent, young Richard became interested in his father’s wide collection of old albums. During high school his peers were very impressed that he knew as much about music as he did. Knowing that his peers were interested in his taste and knowledge in music pushed him to tap into his hidden talent, taking notice to different variations of melodies and artists development. Rich enrolled himself into Touro University in N.Y. He majored in audio engineering and graduated by the age of 21. For that he was granted two thousand dollars of scholarship money, which gave him the ability to use what he heard and begin to create his own music. Armed with the influence of which he used to fuel his melodic arsenal, this became the frame for the group.

Anthony “Tone” Woolford Jr., rapper/songwriter/producer is definitely pegged the “Jack of all trades.” Born November, 1, 1987, in East Orange, New Jersey, Tone was exposed to music at a very early age. While growing up, Tone discovered other genres and time periods of music. With his musical ear gravitating toward the earlier musicians from the 50’s and up to the 80’s, his love and appreciation for the craft grew. He would sit in his room for hours just listening to music and dissecting the songs of its various elements. Though he