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Formed in 2005 by veterans of the Pittsburgh music scene with a name that may suggest unrequited desires or ambitions. The name is truely a testament to the band’s endless persuit, and The Dream Intended's desire is only to escape the drab world of 9 to 5, and instead make doing what they love (that is, playing music with one’s best friends) how they make their living.

Ask any of the six members of the band about that “dream” and their hopes and excitement will be apparent by the sudden twinkle in their eye. Their love, passion, and enjoyment are further evident in their catchy, upbeat songs. Audiences have said that they often find themselves singing the words to The Dream Intended’s songs well into the day after they’ve seen them perform. Combining their songs with crazy, upbeat performances, The Dream Intended creates a party atmosphere at their performances.

Together, The Dream Intended has played at concert halls, high schools, colleges, contests, festivals, bars and clubs throughout eastern and western Pennsylvania, as well as Ohio, New York and New Jersey. Road-tripping to shows is, according to the band, “…one of the best parts of playing in a rock band”

LBM: I read that the band was formed from veterans of the Pittsburgh music scene, what were the names of the previous projects and which members were apart of them?

The Dream Intended: Well, Cheech most recently played with a ska band called The Have Nots, Jake played with a jam band called Missing Pages, Brando fronted and played guitar in Drop Monday, Jeff played guitar in a hip-hop/rock band called Zentai, and Willard and BJ played in a band called PULL. Before TDI came together, all of these bands gigged together on the scene and were greatfriends.

LBM: The band name suggests the ability to do what you love and avoid the 9-5 lifestyle, what have been some of your worst jobs just to make due?

The Dream Intended: We've done all sorts of crazy crap jobs from traffic counting and working at fast food joints, to working at a prison, printing tire labels and washing dishes. All while generally taking shit (from "the man"). But those are the hassels and pit-falls of earning a regular paycheck, so we deal with it...begrudgingly.

LBM: You guys seem to have a very loyal fan base that is continually growing. Do you have tour plans for 09 to expand that fan base?

The Dream Intended: We do. We are completing our second album with Anthony Santo of Chamberlain Records and plan to hit the endless pavement that is the road in the summer of 2009. We're really excited about everything that we have in motion, and can't wait to meet new people at our shows. Hopefully, we'll all hang out and we can really get to know each other. : )

LBM: What has been some of your most memorable shows?

The Dream Intended: We've had fun at a lot of shows. But unanimously, the CD release party for our first album, "Break-Up at the Movies", is the one that we would pick as most memorable. It was an insane fun time, the place had to turn people away at the door...just freakin' amazing. Thank heavens the Fire Marshall wasn't there, or the place would have faced some fines.

Big fines.

LBM: What has been some of the worst shows?

The Dream Intended: Well, a show is only bad when no one else is there to listen. However, we've sure had our fair share of lousy performances, equipment malfunctions, long drives in the wrong direction and crowds that were expecting country songs. We've definitely played in some less than reputable joints and brought less than our A-game (much less in fact). We always manage to pull together by the end of the show and enjoy ourselves.

LBM: So what’s next for you guys? When are you taking over the world?

The Dream Intended: Haha! We're not interested in taking over the world, we want the world to take over us! We want to do this because we love it, and because there are so many places to see and there are so many people to meet out there and we feel like music is the best way for us to get there. We're ready to do what it takes. Booyakasha.

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- LBM Music

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Dream Intended: Rocking Like It’s 1995 (Sort Of)
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The Dream Intended: Rocking Like It's 1995 (Sort Of)

Powerpop is a lot of things (nauseating, trendy, mainstream), but most of all it is catchy. Pittsburgh's The Dream Intended know the formula for success, and follow it to a proverbial 'T' – write songs about girls and relationships, craft concrete hooks and keep everything sugary sweet.

You would be very hard pressed to listen to their track 'Maybe' and not attempt, or at least think about, singing along.

The Dream Intended writes good hooks, that is no secret. They don't just sound adolescent and immature like most of today's forgettable powerpop; they bring some substance to the table. Sure you could make the argument that they have a propensity to sound a bit like some of their contemporary influences (Motion City Soundtrack), but you cannot escape the fact that their overall sound tends to sound very 1990's. You can hear elements of 'Dude Ranch' era Blink-182, Fenix TX and even Eve 6. Their pop sound is crisp, their hooks are likeable and their lyrical content isn't too muddied and serious.

They get right to the point. The Dream Intended wants you to dance, sing and have an all-around good time. 'First Date Heartbreak,' arguably their strongest track (they come off a bit like Fall Out Boy) is a firm representation of their sound.

The next time you find yourself making a mixtape, be sure to call The Dream Intended's number, they should be able to fit on one for just about any occasion.

For fans of…Motion City Soundtrack, MxPx, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, Punchline

Listen to: 'First Date Heartbreak'

- Get Exposed Blog Post

Started in 2005 by a group of friends with a passion for music, The Dream Intended has become an overnight sensation in the Pittsburgh area. TDI plays shows almost every weekend at bars, clubs, concert halls, high schools, and colleges all over Pennsylvania, and even in Ohio and New Jersey.

TDI consists of six members: Ed, most popularly known as 'Cheech' as lead voalist, Brandon as backup vocals and guitar, Jake and Jeff on guitar, BJ on bass, and Willard on the drums. Each band member brings their own unique sound and feel to the band.

Their success is due to their catchy beats and lyrics. It's hard not to find yourself tapping your foot and dancing to the beat. Each band member is incredibly talented alone, but together, the result is absolutely outstanding. The sound is unlike anything you've ever heard before, which has drawn quite a fan base in the US, as well as Australia and the United Kingdom.

Keep an eye out for their full length CD entitled 'Breakup at the Movies' due to be released in June. Go to to listen to a demo of their amazing music and for a list of their upcoming shows! Come check out the band that is quickly becoming a household name in music! - Emily Grabowski

In the early 1960's you could hear neighborhood teenagers banging away on inexpensive instruments, making music in what has come to be known as garage bands.

Today, in the heart of Munhall, six young men from 24 to 26 years of age, also have a vision of creating enjoyable popular music, having unitied in November 2005. Bringing together influences from other groups the call themselves "The Dream Intended".

Ed Piskor, the bands lead singer, explained that the members have preformed together in other bands and have known each other for some time...

...With a belief they should leave thier audiences slightly devastated and wholly delighted, The Dream Intended has recently started a development program with Producer Anthony Santo of Chamberlain Records, and will continue to present there pop rock tunes with a seriously insatiable groove! - The Valley Mirror


January 2008 online 3 song Demo
"Funny Haircuts and Tight Pants Not Required"

August 2008 First Full length album
"Break-up at the Movies"

June 2009 E.P. "the Fab 5"
Produced by Anthony Santo of Chamberlin Records



The Dream Intended is comprised of five musicians from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cheech Piskor holds down the lead vocal duties. Brandon Plaskina carries all of the back up vocals as well as solid rythm guitar work. Jeff Worrall also plays guitar in the band adding layered harmonies and solos to the mix. Jon Willard and B.J. Treusch round out the rythm section with drums and bass respectively. The Dream Intended play all original pop rock tunes with a seriously insaciable groove. The band was recently picked to be on FOX 5 NYC's show Fearless Music as an up and coming artist to watch. The show has featured such artist's as Motion City Soundtrack, Yellowcard, Paramore, The All American Rejects, and MXPX. The show reaches more then 70 million households acorss the world, as well as reciving a million hits a day to there web page. TDI is currently focusing on there east-coast March tour to promote there full length album "Break-Up at the Moives" and there next EP "The Fab. 5" with Producer Anthony Santo of Chamberlain Records. With a loyal following and a superfly-dynamite stage show, The Dream Intended always leave audiences slightly devestated and wholly delighted.