The Dream Intended

The Dream Intended


Audiences have said that they often find themselves singing the words to The Dream Intended’s songs well into the weeks after they’ve seen them perform. Combining their catchy powerful songs with crazy, upbeat preformances, TDI creates an atmosphere like that of a party at each of their shows.


The Dream Intended is comprised of five musicians from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cheech Piskor holds down the lead vocal duties. Brandon Plaskina carries all of the back up vocals as well as solid rythm guitar work. Jeff Worrall also plays guitar in the band adding layered harmonies and solos to the mix. Jon Willard and B.J. Treusch round out the rythm section with drums and bass respectively. The Dream Intended play all original pop rock tunes with a seriously insaciable groove. The band was recently picked to be on FOX 5 NYC's show Fearless Music as an up and coming artist to watch. The show has featured such artist's as Motion City Soundtrack, Yellowcard, Paramore, The All American Rejects, and MXPX. The show reaches more then 70 million households acorss the world, as well as reciving a million hits a day to there web page. TDI is currently focusing on there east-coast March tour to promote there full length album "Break-Up at the Moives" and there next EP "The Fab. 5" with Producer Anthony Santo of Chamberlain Records. With a loyal following and a superfly-dynamite stage show, The Dream Intended always leave audiences slightly devestated and wholly delighted.


Leave Me Alone

Written By: The Dream Intended

Went to the bar saw her standing there,
wearing the read dress her curly blonde hair.
a stupid dance, distracts her friends,
I should of none it wouldn't work in the end.
She has a man, and im not impressed,
but that didn't stop what adds to her stress.

Leave me alone, leave me alone,
I don't ever want to see you round here.
won't answer my phone, just leave me alone,
I don't ever want to see you round here.

Met a new girl she's into fashion and hair,
when it comes to music she just couldn't care.
can't figure out, what drove me to her,
I need to quit smokin so much reffer.
she's into me, and that needs to stop,
her 3 A.M. Drunk dials on vodka and pop.


Well maybe it was my fault, did i lead you on?
I said some things you laid your ears on.
oh sure you herd them, you weren't suppose to.
now im just trying to get far away from you. Bitch!

First Date Heartbreak

Written By: The Dream Intended

Action as the camera sounds,
the words we spoke that had us bound.
but you don't say the same thing,
and i don't mean the same thing.
expectations rise again,
loves in the air so breath it in
we have grown apart,
should of seen it from the start.

first date Heart-break
How much pressure can you take?
First date Heart-break
First date heart-break
worst impression i can make
first date heart-break

the frames role on with nothing there
we clentch our fists and pull our hair
cause it's so complicated
and im so fucking frustrated.
what else is there left to say
we weren't happy anyway
i'll write this little song
it helps to carry on.

Grace Point Blank

Written By: The Dream Intended

Grace Point Blank

Lets digest, while i digress
about a time when we were less
fortunate to see the humor in
having fun with sin
whats wrong with a fly by night
24 hours leaves no room to fight
lets get it on,
all night long
how could any of this gone wrong

Radio waves the panic goodbye
and you won't see these brown eyes
fighting for the place they use to be
when they were all you could see

here we go again,
were all good then
you bring up thoughts from who knows when
things you never told me
before now
and i wonder how,
we let it all slip past
you need to pack up and leave my house fast
as i wait,
just promise to be out of sight
leave you to hold your pillow tight



January 2008 online 3 song Demo
"Funny Haircuts and Tight Pants Not Required"

August 2008 First Full length album
"Break-up at the Movies"

June 2009 E.P. "the Fab 5"
Produced by Anthony Santo of Chamberlin Records

Set List

Young and Circumstance
Better Days
Mise en Sein
Motion Picture Music
So Let It Go
Leave Me Alone
Listen Up
Frustrated Artist
Requium of a Relationship
Sealed Kiss Goodbye
Incendiary Device
First Date Heartbreak
Cancer and Caffine
Stayin in Tonight
She Says
Longer Days & Cuter Faces
Drab Town
Scissor Walk
Love Fades (she likes me)
Blindfolds off
Cold December
The Worst
Top 5
Teeth Break skin
Grace Point Blank