The Dreamkatchers

The Dreamkatchers

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The DreamKatchers music will transverse boundaries defy genres & define a generation. Their music fuses soulful melodies with a hip hop flow & a dash of pop. Its been proven time and time again that their live show performance continue to captivate crowds & turn docile audiences into a frenzy.


Fashion and music go hand-in-hand. Without the inspiration of hip hop and its subculture, many modern brands would have no place in today’s market.
The DreamKatchers are an embodiment of the synergy between of hip hop and fashion.

Having met, whilst hanging back stage, at Melbourne fashion week, they were both teenagers, they realised that not only did they have a commonality in their love of music but that they both had an incredible talent and passion that they couldn’t express on the catwalks of the world.

N’fa at the time was working on projects which ultimately led to the success of his group “1200 techniques”. At the same time N’fa helped groom the innate ability that O.E.C had and together the pair started to work on a project that has organically grown into The DreamKatchers.
O.E.C’s drive and passion combined with N’fa’s dynamism has led to an incredible partnership which has been realised by other artists and producers across the Globe. Having worked with the likes of Mr Yoshiaki (Black Eyed Peas) and Will Young on the un-released underground hit ‘Tear Drops’. They received 30,000 hits on their Myspace page in one day and a write up on Pop Justice -a feat not managed by any other unsigned act to date.

The DreamKatchers music will transverse boundaries, defy genres and define a generation.


(1200 techniques) Choose One EP - Karma
(N'fa) Cause An Effect EP - Just Us
Brainwash EP

Set List

We tailor all sets to the needs of that show. With over 14 songs ready and waiting we can bring the set list down to accommodate all set times.


Teardrops (featuring Will Young)
2 & fro
Fast Slow (featuring Jenna G)
Won’t Stop
Ah Yeas
7 (featuring Jenna G)
Just Us
Money 4 Luv
Oh Dear
U Could Say
Once Again