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"The Dream Trees at Harvest Breakdown"

Hidden Relic Harvest Breakdown
Saturday : October 24th, 2009 @ The Earthouse
Waldemere Revival, Goliathon, and TheDreamTrees
Downtown-Indianapolis, IN

The Hidden Relic Harvest Breakdown was an absolute success. The fans, bands, and promoters all seemed to really be diggin' on the bands. The night opened with Bloomington's TheDreamTrees. TDT has had an entire summer of regrouping of recreating. I could definitely tell that they have put in the correct efforts to play great original music. Hidden Relic Street Team Manager John Morgan played with TheDreamTrees as an acoustic picker and vocalist. Amanda Jones, TDT founder, had complete, well-deserved confidence while performing their songs. Although TDT had a shorter set then Goliathon or Waldemere, they had just as much energy and attention. . . . - Hidden Relic

"Earthhouse Collevtive - Fan Review"

"If those walls could talk, the wooden corridors of The Earthhouse Collective building would rhapsodize over this year’s Harvest Breakdown. The show was kick-started by the groovy resonance of The Dream Trees, whose sound incorporates elements of folk, blues, and jammy rock and roll. Front-woman Miss Amanda Jones charms the audience with her wit and enthusiasm, while keeping the positive energy flowing. Alternating from vocals, guitar, and flute, she certainly earned the description of being multitalented. Jones’s powerful pipes and sultry execution of her dynamic songwriting would make even Janis Joplin proud. After the performance, several women approached me to express their appreciation of Jones, all of whom left feeling empowered and inspired by her. Jones, however, is not the only amazing talent in this band.
Much like trees during a beautiful Midwest autumn, The Dream Trees have had their share of fallen leaves. Over the summer The Trees underwent a facelift of members, but now have without a doubt found their perfect blend. One of their newest additions is vocalist and lead guitarist John Morgan. I was pleasantly surprised by his warm and melodic intonation, coupled with an impressive range of octaves. Along with his superb vocal ability, Morgan impressed the audience with his passionate leads that perfectly complemented their dance-worthy grooves. Morgan has a keen ability to play the music he hears in his soul, like a sixth sense of groove detection. Along with his ability on the six strings, it is obvious that Morgan has an intense passion for his music. Another new addition to the band is the folk-inspired harmonica player Josh Davis. Like Morgan, Davis is skilled at detecting the perfect moment for harp licks and does so with continual enthusiasm. Perhaps the most charming member of the band, Davis adds to the positive energy by dancing along with playing. I was impressed by the tonality of his advanced skills, which were always pleasing to the ear and correlative to their overall sound.
Returning member, Bassist Micheal Koss, accentuates the low end with blues-inspired walking bass lines that make it difficult for the listener to resist from dancing. Koss embellishes those traditional walking lines by incorporating a unique rock-edge and some unexpected funky riffs. Koss’s noteworthy bass licks are complemented by the heartbeat of the band, drummer Ken Yasui. With precision and imagination, Yasui drives the band forward with dynamic energy. Yasui kept the rhythm steady and kinetic by mixing in unpredictable beats while never “breaking the groove.” Also a new addition to the band, Yasui was an unexpected surprise, one that would change the mind of any critic who underestimates the importance of a talented drummer.
The Dream Trees have incorporated five talented musicians into one cohesive band that delivers funky grooves and impeccable energy. This band should not be missed. Like their website says, “Plant a tree, keep the dream alive,” The Dream Trees are now deeply rooted in the local music scene and will go on living and thriving for many years to come."
- Hidden Relic Productions

"Freedom Farm"

. . . Saturday started off around 1:00 pm with The DreamTrees, a bluesy funk-jam band out of Bloomington, Indiana. Lead singer/songwriter Miss Amanda broke out her flute and the boys layered it with harmonica and deep bass. Their experimental sound and original lyrics got everyone moving, hooping and grooving as the day warmed up. Faces from the night before began to appear at the stage, along with some new music festival-goers. . . .

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The Dream Trees are fronted by Miss Amanda Jones who does the lyrical writing in the band. She blew in the wind from NYC one fall to Bloomington Indiana. Impressed with the passion in the musical scene there she stayed and started a band. She wails on the flute, strums the guitar and tickles the keys while delivering an unforgettable message with her strong vocal style. Playing with great musicians that jam it out with her and believe in her outspoken ways, this is an act that you won't forget or want to miss. Their live performances mix spoken word, jazz space, rock and roll jam and bassy dance grooves while still always delivering a message of betterment and truth. They use their shows to bring light to matters, and they try to be as politically active as possible. They believe music is power. Power to raise awareness, change humanity and bring joy to the audience. They will move you literally.
They have been compared to the Doors and Janis Joplin while with Big Brother and the Holding Company. Their influences include, but are not limited to T-Rex, Jefferson Airplane, Tom Petty, Big Band and Swing, The Black Crowes, Zepplin, Hendrix, Rusted Root, Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, and G. Love and the Special Sauce.