The Dream Will Come

The Dream Will Come


Instrumental music that will grip you by the throat! A melting pot of Jazz, Rock, Funk, electronica and ethnic. Unique, gripping and very melodic compositions that will steel your attention from the very beginning to the very end of each song.


Formed by Rabih Rihana, THE DREAM WILL COME is the healthy fruition of his compostions.

As a long time solo artist, Rabih has been recognised by the unsigned artist internet music community for years ! Two of his compostions(The Flow and Life Story) hit the N' 1 spot on the internet jazz charts in 2006 on! Many others of Rabih's compositions are still way up in the jazz charts till today on Soundclick.

Rabih's influences LITERALLY crosses all genres of music, from Bach to Nirvana... but most significantly, he is influenced by Chick Corea and Aziza Mustafa Zadeh.

Born and raised in Lebanon, he grew up listening to Thrash-heavy Metal and Rock'n'Roll in general, as a way to escape the drama that's been going on in his country for decades. He moved to the USA in 1999 and attended Berklee College of Music for one year.

Rabih had the pleasure to record musical projects with some of today's most exciting and well known jazz musicians, such as Martin Valihora(drummer for Hiromi), Gilad Ronin (Saxophonist for Herbie Hancock), Franco Pinna (New york based session Jazz Drummer) and many more.... He has also played with various forming Fusion and Blues bands around Boston and Philly, but he felt that he wasn't fully musically satisfied.... He wanted more! So finally, he decided to form a trio that would perform all his compostions.

On January 2007, Kyle Mastropietro contacted Rabih through an add he posted on Craigslist. A week later, Kyle invited his friend Steve Ambrosio to jam with him and Rabih. That's when THE DREAM WILL COME was born. And the rest is poised to make history....

THE DREAM WILL COME's sound is a melting pot of : Jazz, Rock, Electronica, Funk, Ethnic and sometimes even Metal! Based heavily on instrumental melodies and 7th- 9th harmonic chords, Rabih's compostions MAGICALLY come to life through his trio!
Also, Kyle Mastropietro's flowing drumming technique and Steve Ambrosio's colorfull bass lines added new dimensions to the sound, what made watching this band performing live simply an enjoyable GRIPPING musical experience!

You have to see it to believe it!


The Dream Will Come is currently working on their debut album.
You can buy Rabih's solo album at cd baby:
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Set List

Our TYPICAL set list would be about an hour and a half long .
Here's the set list:
1- The dream will come
2- Life Story
3- Jam on G
4- Spring memories
5- Blue Bossa (cover of a Jazz standard)
6- Brain Damaged
7- For Love
8- Conversations
9- Midnight Voyage (cover of Michel Brecker's)
9- Don't cry
10- The flow

More songs are being written as you read this! Actually, every week or two, we try to introduce a new song to the set list, whether it's an original or a cover.
So basically, this set list is not set in stone...