The Drift

The Drift


We are an instrumental four-piece hailing from San Francisco California. Our music combines elements of rare groove, dub, jazz, and more esoteric leanings that conjure a unique musical space free of traditional confines, simultaneously frenetic and sublime.


Originally a side project from Danny Grody (Tarentel) and Trevor Montgomery (Lazarus), San Francisco's The Drift very quickly matured into a full-time dub-jazz-rock ensemble. After Montgomery left Tarentel and The Drift to focus on his Lazarus project, the band enlisted upright bass phenom Safa Shokrai to replace him - in addition to Jeff Jacobs on trumpet and Rich Douthit (Halifax Pier) on drums - ultimately steering the band away from its ambient rock leanings and into the hazy world of dub-infused guitar stabs and inspired jazz shuffles.


"Memory Drawings" CD/2xLP - Temporary Residence Limited (coming out April 8th!) 2008
"Ceiling Sky" CD - Temporary Residence Limited 2007
"Noumena" CD/2xLP - Temporary Residence Limited 2005
Travels In Constants Vol. 19 CD - Temporary Residence Limited 2005
"Streets / Nozomi" 12" EP - Temporary Residence Limited 2005

Set List

It varies depending whether we headline or play a support slot. Our songs are quite long, running on average 7 to 12 minutes each. At a typical headlining show we'll perform four pieces - roughly 45 to 55 minutes in length. In most support situation's we'll shave a song and play a 30 to 40 minute set. But we are quite versatile and can adapt depending on the circumstances, be it a shorter/longer set request or shaping the music to fit more quiet/intimate settings. We can of course also rock! :)