The Drip

The Drip


The Drip is a New York City based experimental fusion band. Their sound can best be characterized as "trance rock." Fusing elements of funk, electronica, classical, latin, dub, rock, and jazz, The Drip is on a voyage to the outer limits of space to create an experience like none other.


The Drip is a New York City based electronic quartet that can amaze any audience who sees them perform live. Consisting of four classically trained musicians, the wide range of genres that influence all the members of the group come out in the sound of their music.

In late 2006, the 4 members of The Drip met in a small studio in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. After only one session, the musical chemistry was apparent and The Drip was born. Abe Lichy (Bass) and John Gonzales (Guitar) have been playing together for years and have written beautiful and professional compositions. The song structures are complex rhythms that creates a euphoric feeling like no other. Jared Deyong (Drums) blends infectious trance beats with swing jazz and salsa ensembles so he can make sure that everyone in the audience is always dancing. Along with Mike Tamke (Keys), the futuristic sounds of trance and house music can be originated from his array of synthesizers and keyboards.

Our influences are Daft Punk, Air, The Disco Biscuits, Phish, The New Deal, Sound Tribe Sector Nine, The Talking Heads, and soooo much more!!

The group has already gathered a huge fan-base on the East Coast and regularly sell out New York City venues. We have played with a variety of musicians and know how to "improvise" with virtually anyone who comes on stage with us. We excite your aural senses through our stunning light show and magnificent sound. The Drip looks forward to many future shows, events, festivals, and spreading their music out for the world to enjoy!!

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We are currently finishing our 4 track EP titled "Kids and Dreamers" which will be avaiable to the public in the Summer of 2007.

Set List

Our songs usually have improvisational jams in the middle and we switch our songs every show, so NO SHOW IS LIKE THE OTHER!! That is why we carefully plan our setlists and people come to our shows to see what we are going to do next! We have over 40 original songs and play over 20 covers with rotating setlists every night!!