The Drip

The Drip

 West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

The Drip is a new alternative act based out of West Palm Beach, Fl. Formed in July 2011, and made public January 2012. The Drip has been hard at work writing new Intriguing material aimed for any demographic. Anywhere from ambient, catchy, progressive, and intricate alternative music.
A guitar driven wall of sound, with multiple vocal tones and variations. Acquired a strong traffic upon facebook debut.

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If the Fall doesn't Kill You

Written By: The Drip

Here you are,
making all this noise.
As it falls, on deaf ears.
If only they could listen.
It would, rid them of their fears.
Pull the curtains back,
even if its just a little bit.
The smallest ray of light is enough,
to guide you far away from here.
This is not the summits top, its just a traffic stop.
Wait till your heart stops beating.
Until your heart stops beating.


The Demos-
1.If the Fall doesnt Kill You
2.Pablo Used to Laugh

Set List

1. Anxiety
2. Rattlesnakes and Condoms
3. If the Fall doesn't Kill You
4. Lethargic
5. Pablo Used to Laugh
6. If Digging's a crime (Lock me up)
7. Color Me Happy

(est:35-50 min)