The Drive

The Drive


Classic rock, alternative, and pop covers performed by uber talented 17 year olds. Originally students of the Paul Green School of Rock, they formed their own band three years ago and have performed at several local nonprofit organizations and charities (15 to 500 people).


The Drive has been performing together for three years. They are composed of four members: vocal and rhythm guitar Camila; bass Sean; guitar Josh; and drummer Alex. The band members all hail from Bethesda, MD. Josh and Sean have known each other since they were kids. Josh, Sean, and Camila began performing at the Paul Green School of Rock before splitting off to form their own band. In high school they joined forces with Alex to form The Drive.

In 2006, the foursome played their first official gig at the Children’s Inn at the National Institute of Health. Since then, they have performed multiple times at the Children’s Inn, The Children’s National Medical Center (Children’s Hospital), and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. They have performed for crowds as large as 500 to rave reviews. The Drive is scheduled to perform with the USO on March 7, 2009.

What sets The Drive apart from other bands is that the band goes out of their way to perform for non-profit and charitable organizations (at no cost).

The Drive's passion is playing great music: Great songs delivered with feeling and energy.

Influences are classic rock such as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, RUSH, The Beatles, as well as more modern rock.


We are writing and plan on releasing our own singles in 2009.

Set List

The song list changes each season. The current list is:

Twist and shout
Gimme Shelter
Sultans of Swing
Just Like Heaven
Let There Be Rock
Someday, Someway
Johnny B. Goode
I Want You to Want ME
Shake It
Hot n Cold
Twist and Shout
There She Goes
Chop Suey
You Really Got Me
Tom Sawyer
Buddy Holly
See You Again
Rock You Like a Hurricane
Are you Gonna be my Girl
This Love
The Ocean
Two Princes
Black Dog
No Rain
Come Together
American Woman
Welcome to the Jungle
Can’t stop
Two Princes
See You Again
Learn to Fly
Pinball Wizard
Free Ride
All Right Now