The Drive Back

The Drive Back


Hot young band on the rise. After the band's critically acclaimed "Autumnmotive" EP the band has had music featured on MTV's Real World Challenge and has opened for such acts as Lucky Boys Confusion, For Felix, and A Thorn for Every Heart.


The Drive Back is an indie rock band from Minneapolis, MN. Craig Casey (lead vocals, guitar), Troy Pinard (bass), and Grady Kenevan (drums) started playing music together at the age of 12-14. Officailly forming The Drive Back with the addition of Jon Evans (lead guitar, backing vocals) in early 2003. The Drive Back recently released their second E.P. entitled "AutumnMotive." "a stunning, six-song EP that is bound to place them at the front of the modern emo rock movement" states Selling nearly 1,000 copies within 6 months, The Drive Back has gained a lot of attention from the Midwest music scene and continues to expand their following around the country. Being recognized on web sites such as Kings of A&R,,, and The Drive Back was also featured on "Bands You Love, Have Heard Of, And Should Know", a compilation by Drive Thru Records.


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