The Droogs of Eidetia

The Droogs of Eidetia


The Droogs of Eidetia is Quartet that explores the complexities that exist within both Jazz and Metal musical styles as well as balkan and arabian traditions. We create a high energy onslaught that brings the listener to their knees to beg for more mind bending improvisations and breakdowns.


The Droogs of Eidetia is a collection of four of Reno's most eclectic and talented musicians. Ryan Hall, Mike Mayhall, Ryan Parrish, and Mike Lockwood joined together in Reno, NV to form the group in the winter of 2008, fusing the musical intricacies and extremes of Jazz, Metal, Avante-Garde, and Arabian styles to create an beautifully evil sound that is pleasing to the ear. Ryan Hall and Ryan Parrish were talking for a period about being in the band that featured Upright Bass, Drums, Baritone Sax, and Distorted Guitar. Two weeks and several phone calls later the first rehearsal took place in Ryan Hall's basement. In the fall of 2008 Mayhall, Lockwood, and Ryan P. moved to Seattle to further their movement of experimental music, featuring a large repetiore of original compostitions written by the four members of the band, we also perform compostitions by John Zorn, Ornette Coleman, John McLaughlin, Bartok, and others. We have shared the stage with Peter Epstein, Battery D, Dawn Clemente, Osprey Rising, Axis Trio, Dr. Mint and many others who share our love for the new and different. The Droogs of Eidetia is a truly unique and brutal sound that promises to be a significant driving force in the world of creative music.

Set List

A Typical Set list for us usually has about 7 to 9 pieces in it. Our songs performed live can usually last between 4 to 7 minutes.

We have a large and growing repetoire of original compositions written and arranged by ourselves as a band.

-Alprazolabidan Dance
-Style on Fyle
-Panic on the Bus
-The Outcast Retaliates
-Imaginary Freind or Real Enemy?
-5:25 AM
-Fish and Goose Suarez
-Shifty Eyed Stare Down
-Stop Making People You Love Sad

We also play a number of covers by John Zorn, Ornette Coleman, Brad Shepik, John McGlaughlin and others.
-Mob Job
-Open to The Public
-Binky's Dream