The Otherworld Outfit

The Otherworld Outfit


ROCK N ROLL. we try and engage the crowd as much as possible through the music. Our goal is to make you move.


The Drop is a Bloomington based band that got together in 2007. It consists of Derek Belaga, Evan Bogunia and Cole Watson. Derek sings and plays guitar. Evan plays a technically masterful bass and more than compensates for the lack of a 4th man. Cole Watson is the beat that pulls it all together and provides harmonies like that of an angel. The goal is to pull you in and send you home wanting more. Come check us out.


So What - EP

Set List

80 % orginals, 20% covers.
Our sets range from 1 1/2 hours to 3 depending on the gig. Our songs are:
Under the Stairs
Long Time Coming
Dirty Secret
Fighting Gravity
Mirror on the Wall
Winner Takes All
So What
The Avenger
Matter of Time

Covers typically include our own interpretations of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Rage Against the Machine...