The Drowning Lovers

The Drowning Lovers

 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Quirky Lounge-Noir with bursts of retro 1950's, jazz, and blues influences. Witty, satirical, and heartbreaking lyrics that stick. Stage presence abounds.


After meeting through mutual contacts in Chapel Hill and NYC, The Drowning Lovers formed in 2009 with a shared concept of writing through the eyes of fictional characters set in a specific location. Our locale, we decided, would be a flophouse. We each wished to involve vivid imagery in our content and to create a sound connecting with eras past. Creatively, this provided a joint base from which to begin our work. After putting together the first several songs, we let go of "the flophouse rule" and trusted our instincts as a band to carry on and build upon this platform. The result has rewarded us with a striking style and much-welcomed mirth.


The Galaxie

Written By: Meredith Sause

I had a love so pure and true
Trembling hands, corsage of blue
Kissed me up to a blissful height
On our prom night.

He picked me up at seven
it really felt like heaven
mama and daddy waved goodbye to the Galaxie
and we set off to the armory
decorated in ribbons of a deep sea green
we danced and danced to every song
at last love had come my way
until I spied my boy kissing my best friend Joy
I'd be damned if he wouldn't pay-yay-yay

I bummed a cigarette, smoked away thoughts of regret
waited with a cheery smile behind the wheel of the Galaxie
and he showed up a quarter after ten
batting my false lashes, I asked him where he'd been
he gazed into my pleading eyes, told me a dirty lie
So I snatched the keys and I said, "Jimmy, please.
I'm dying to dri-yi-yive."

I know a place to go, the water's warm the moon is low.
"Darling I can't swim." he said -because of a tragedy.
Don't worry, Jimmy dear, I know all about your fear.
We can just get wet right here, inside of the Galaxie.
He caught my drift and moved in close, his hands they made me ache. But he sure went pale as I crashed through the rail, soared us deep into Lover's La-yay-yay-yake.

Yes oh yes oh yes oh yes I must confess confess confess, I killed young Jimmy. Yes oh yes oh yes oh yes I must confess, confess, confess, I drowned my prom date. Oh yes I must confess...

I had a love that had to die. Saw it sink peacefully down in the Galaxie. The headlamps went black as I swam out of sight. On our prom night.

Yes oh yes o yes oh yes I must confess confess confess, I killed young Jimmy. Yes oh yes oh yes oh yes and I ruined my dress, my dress my dress, I drowned my prom date. Oh yes I must confess, young Jimmy had to go.


The Drowning Lovers have completed their first album, with audio engineer, John Plymale. Chatham Mills was released in 2010 and featured instrumentation from guest musicians around the southeast, including Jay Clifford, Ray Codrington, Robert Griffin, Nathan Logan, and Mark Wells. A 4 minute podcast about Chatham Mills is available for streaming and download on our ReverbNation site.

Set List

We typically perform two sets, each containing 8-11 songs. Our songs tend to be 2 1/2 to 3 minutes long. We only do covers on very special occasions. Our original songs are as follows:
1. Coming Home
2. Playing Spider
3. The Galaxie
4. Lonely Room
5. Hot Corner
6. Do to Me
7. Champagne Picnic
8. Lover's Pact
9. Drown Moon
10. .38 Caliber
11. Graveyard Bossa
12. Leisurely Pants
13. Your Heart has Died
14. Mystery Mary
15. Kill Her
16. Gravel and Blood
17. The Lumina
18. Our Differences
19. Secret Alumni
20. I'll Get Around to You
21. Song from Spain
22. Betrayal in the Desert
23. Off to the Races
24. It's Over