The Drugstore Cowboys

The Drugstore Cowboys


...this is the meaning of music...


Washington DC’s own Drugstore Cowboys are a gem among gems. You will truly never find another band with such a desire to sound like everyone and no one at the same time. These two young men (Jeff Scott: Vocals, Programming; Philippe Granade-Willis: Programming, Vocals) have set out to become everything you’ve ever wanted in music and more.
Within the last year they’ve played everything from the smallest house party to the biggest pavilion with every level of band from Cutlery and The Saloon League to Depeche Mode and She Wants Revenge. They’ve been posted about on many music message boards and also have been chosen as one of a very select few groups to win Ernie Ball’s Battle Of The Bands to play Warped Tour. They’re gearing up to release their Lujo Records debut album “Chapter 3006 Of Dance Moves For The Apocalypse: If The Octomaiden Was A Diabetic Joykill Addict” in October. Twelve tracks of pulsating, in your face electro/hardcore/dancepop that will blow you away.
The Band plans on touring nonstop to support their newest release and every other release that follows. Catch them in a town near you to see them put on a performance like you’ve never seen before. Check out either of their websites to find out more about them; or


"Chapter 3006 Of Dance Moves For The Apocalypse: If The Octamaiden Was A Diabetic Joykill Addict" LP on Lujo Records

Set List

Mind Of A Salesman
Coyote Confessions
The Elegance Of The Dance
On Fire Will Drive The Rats Away!
Pornographic Fruitstands
These Clouds Will Never Catch Us
Penguin Tuxes At The Disco Bar