Dave Trichter Quotient

Dave Trichter Quotient


the Dave Trichter Quotient. What should I say? It is an experiment in pop songwriting and genremelding dance music. Still rough around the edges, but infested with catchiness. You can't wait to find out what's next.


the Dave Trichter Quotient is dynamic and unique. Expect a different show for every crowd. For any type of venue. Equipped to

Soundwise? Think top 40 radio. Stop...don't shudder. The DTQ melds it from every angle. Throw in some completely unique shit. Throw in a pinch of Coltrane and you'll start to get the picture.


The DTQ - Birth of Starrfisch (coming in August '12)
The Demos - listen at www.soundcloud.com/thedtq

Set List

I Must Be A Gentleman
Can't Get Enough of You
Heart Attack
While We're Still Young
Disco Trillotron