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"Front man keeps rockin' with DuBay Band"


From Hollywood to Toronto and now Ancaster, Claude Dubé has made music everywhere he's travelled. As front man for the DuBay Band, Mr. Dubé is set to launch a new album, Movinon, on Saturday at the Westdale Concert Theatre. Movinon features a mixture of ballads and progressive rock songs with steady harmonies and solid vocals. There's also a distinct blues influence to the album. Mr. Dubé wrote most of the material along with guitarist Dennis Decker.
Mr. Dubé, a McMaster graduate, moved to Los Angeles in 1980 to pursue his music career. He quickly joined the Hollywood circuit with the band London, a forerunner to Motley Crue.
When London disbanded, Mr. Dubé partnered with Hollywood producer Ron Payne, the architect of several successful metal acts, including Dokken, Minute Men and Great White. Mr. Dubé spent three years honing his production and writing skills. The pair went on to release an album and EP together. In 1985, Mr. Dubé returned to Toronto with his family and regrouped with band mates and song writing partner Dennis Decker on lead guitar, brother Dan Dubé on bass, guitarist Nicholas Holden and drummer Kevin Camilleri to form the DuBay Band.
After spending years on tour in the early 80s, things have settled down for the DuBay band today. The band has set its focus on smaller, local clubs. "The industry is so different today," Mr. Dubé said. "Touring doesn't really make sense unless you have the time and the support."
The band is capitalizing on today's downloading trends, making their music available on the internet. Songs are available from the band's official website,, or other popular file sharing sites. The band also hopes to get some airplay on local radio stations. Mr. Dubé said the band will likely focus on their song, Once Upon a Time, the second track on Movinon. The album was recorded at Mr. Dubé's own digital recording studio in Ancaster, known as Symphony Place Studio.
Since 1990, the DuBay band has produced several albums through their own label, Limozine Records. By 2000, the band had performed over 500 shows in the Golden Horseshoe area at legendary venues like Toronto's El Mocambo, The Diamond and the Gasworks. The DuBay band has shared the stage with other popular Canadian artists including April Wine, Alannah Miles and The Tea Party.
A former teacher at Delta Secondary, Mr. Dubé said students inspired him to write a more progressive rendition of O Canada. The song is featured as the last track on Movinon.
Doors open at 8 p.m. for Saturday's performance. Showtime is at 9 p.m. with special guest vocalist Melissa Bellm. The $20. general admission price includes a copy of Movinon.
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"Longtime band's CD release party will be family affair"

BURLINGTON POST, Friday February 9, 2007 www.
Backbeat Kathryn Dunmore

Longtime band's CD release party will be family affair

When it comes to music for this family, its like father, like daughter. However, Peter Bellm insists he hasn't had much influence over his daughters musical career to date.
Bellm is part of the longtime group, The Dubay Band, which is celebrating its first album in several years with a CD release party on Saturday, Feb. 17.
The release party will take place at West-side Concert Theatre in Hamilton. Doors open at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $20, which includes a copy of the band's new album, Movinon.
"This is the first album with the Dubay Band's new rhythm section," explained Bellm. "The blues influence wasn't there before and as a band we're tighter."
Joined longtime band Bass guitarist Bellm and drummer Pat Campion joined the band (then called Dubay) three and four years ago respectively.
Dubay had been together since 1985 and also includes Claude Dubé as lead vocalist,keyboardist and guitarist, Nicholas Holden, vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist and Dennis Decker on electric and acoustic guitar.
The trio were friends as teens and formed Dubay when Dubé returned from Los Angeles after five years,
where he was lead vocalist for the band London, which later produced Blackie Lawless of WASP and Nikki
Sixx of Motley Crue.
"We are very experienced as musicians and on a songwriting basis," said Bellm. "We're all contributors. As we've all been in bands for a long time, it becomes part of your musical intelligence. We work off each other musically."
Movinon is the Dubay Band's sixth album. "The songs are written because we enjoy them; there is not necessarily a theme or format to the content," said Bellm. "It ranges from blues to rock to adult contemporary. It's a mix."
The band members all grew up listening to the Beatles and other bands from the British Invasion era.
"We're heavily influenced by bands from the '60s," said Bellm. "In the band, there is strong vocals and songwriting. These are similar strengths to the Beatles."
On Movinon, Bellm's daughter Melissa sings on two songs and will be at the CD release party to perform with the band.
"Her voice adds something different to the band," noted Bellm. "Because the band itself has strong vocals, she gives us new material. We do more rhythm and blues when we perform with Melissa, as that is the style she loves to do and does it well. That expands us as a band."
At age 17, Melissa has already achieved notable success due to her strong vocals. She is being trained by Ray Lyell and mentored by Jack de Keyzer.
In 2006, Toronto Maple Leafs officials asked her to sing the national anthem at two home games and she regularly sings the anthem for the AHLs Toronto Marlies.
"She came out singing," said her dad. "She's been singing from a young age and loves being on stage. She has been blessed with a really good voice. She sings with the band at festivals and outdoor events. I've helped in various ways but she does her own songwriting."
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CLAUDE DUBÉ HAS Been making music for over three decades. While his his¬tory includes travels to Hollywood and the band London that eventually became Motley Crue, it's his recent work with the family he's made with the members of DuBay that he's most proud of. With their latest CD, Movinon, a recently rechristened The DuBay Band has fine tuned the name, changed some band members and begun forging ahead on a new musical tangent.
"Life inspires me and so does my job helping kids in high school," explains Dubé who spends days teach¬ing science at Delta. "The band was together for 12 years, but Dan (Dubé, bass) and Kevin (Camilleri, drums) are both teachers as well and they left DuBay to spend more time with their kids. It's all good between us, however, life is pain, life is change. Now we have new members and a new name, but (guitarist) Dennis Decker and I still do the bulk of the song writing. Nothing has changed there but the rhythm section is fresh and leans us towards their blues influences. We have evolved."
Now rounded out by long time member Nicholas Holden (guitar) and new recruits Peter Bellm (bass) and Pat Campion (drums), The DuBay Band offers their most eclectic and adventurous work on their sixth album. With splashes of new wave retro keyboards and some bold guitar work, The DuBay Band has never sounded this modern. They even take a stab at the national anthem and sound like some of the younger mall punks Dubé teaches.
""O Canada" was inspired by Delta High school," recalls Dubé. "I got tired of hearing the same old slow, pompous versions every morning over the PA so I produced a new, up tempo version that inspires me to say, 'Canada Rocks.'"
Preferring to focus on corporate events with the odd club gig thrown in, Dubé" and The DuBay Band hope to increase their touring schedule in bet¬ter weather but are excited to offer the new music, approach and band to fans at their CD release.
"This CD is eclectic and we offer an intimate show where some back¬ground into the writing will be offered," explains Dubé. "But the sec¬ond half of the show will feature a romp through the history of rock of our influences spanning five decades. Rock music to get people dancing. It will make for a sweet night out for any couple. Expect an emotional night!"
The DuBay Band performs Saturday February 17 at The Westside Concert Theatre with Melissa Bellm opening. Show starts at 9pm and $20 gets you in.
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FEBRUARY 15 - 21, 2007 VIEW

"Sound of Music Festival"

June 14,2003
The Dubay Band
c/o Mark Mallett
1188Hwy. 56
R.R. #1
York, Ontario
Dear The Dubay Band:
On behalf of the Sound of Music Festival, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for appearing at this years Festival.
Enclosed you will find your performance fee cheque and a logging report from SOCAN.
We hope that you enjoyed performing at this years Burlington's Sound of Music Festival.
Once again, thank you and best wishes for the future.

Linda Goodrow
Entertainment Director - Burlington


6 original CDs and their singles, including 2 videos. The catalogue includes Bonjour, Emoceans, Take Note, Earth School and Bienvenue (a French CD) and their most recent creation ‘MOVINON ‘



After being in a string of moderately successful bands throughout the 1970's, Claude Dubé, a graduate of McMaster University, moved to Los Angeles in 1980 to pursue a music and song writing career. Rather quickly, he found himself playing the Hollywood circuit with the band London (which eventually would spawn Motley Crue). After London disbanded, Claude partnered with Hollywood producer Ron Payne (Minute Men, Dokken, Great White) and for 3 years he honed his production & writing skills. The two went on to release an album and EP together.
In 1985, Claude returned to Toronto with his family and regrouped with band mates and song writing partner Dennis Decker (lead guitar) brother Dan Dubé (bass), Nicholas Holden (guitar/vocals), and discovered drummer Kevin Camilleri by auditions, thus forming DuBay.
Since 1990, the band created and promoted through their own label, ‘Limozine Records’, 6 original CDs and their singles, including 2 videos. The catalogue includes Bonjour, Emoceans, Take Note, Earth School and Bienvenue (a French CD). Their most recent creation ‘MOVINON ‘ launched on February 17, 2007.
When was king of the earlier internet's music scene, the band's back catalogue was being downloaded internationally with more than 644,000 plays.
The band has been released in Europe by Austin, Texas based BSW Records, and garnering Dubay their first favourable radio play in France, Netherlands, Germany and beyond.
By 2000, DuBay had performed over 500 shows in the Golden Horseshoe at legendary venues like the El Mocombo, The Diamond, and The Gasworks. They've shared the stage with some great Canadian artists like April Wine, Alannah Miles and The Tea Party. They have performed dozens of corporate shows for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Hamilton Bulldogs, the WWF, Camp Trillium, and twelve municipal events for The City of Hamilton, including a Canada Day festival for over 40,000 people! DuBay is a band that loves to play for their fans. Known for their History of Rock cover set, the band adapts and performs custom gigs, including Hamilton’s most recent Mayor elect Fred Eisenberger’s campaign launch!
As life would have it after 12 years, change was inevitable. With the addition of Pat Campion (drums) and Peter Bellm (bass), The DuBay Band as it is now called, progresses into new and exciting rhythm. The blues influence these musicians have brings to the traditionally upbeat music that is DuBay, a darker more "Nietzsche" view of the world. The songs rock for the most part and the album is rich in emotions and melodies however this one acknowledges that life is not without pain and not all relationships will last. ‘MOVINON’ also credits Dennis Decker with engineering, recording completely digitally, in Limozine Records’ new ‘Pro Tools Studio’.
The young, up and coming Mellissa Bellm offers her vocal talent on two songs and has performed with the band on several occasions including the Cd release party (Movinon) at the Westside Concert Theatre on Feb. 17/ 07. Supported by BLR Entertainment’s Rob Rapiti, The DuBay Band plans to concentrate more on corporate venues and selected clubs and casinos within the Southern Ontario's golden horseshoe. While concentrating on marketing their music world wide through publishing and the internet, The DuBay Band is "Moving On", always adapting and surviving technologically as well as personally. They are professionals and are still ever hopeful for our world and the spiritual Universe.
‘Movinon’, Watch for it!