The Dudes

The Dudes


A hard-charging brand of indie rock, The Dudes rule! What else is there to say?


Strapped with a knack for a hard-charging brand of indie rock, The Dudes first thundered into the Calgary, AB music scene in 2000 - shirtless, leather vest-ed, tight-ass jeans and chops to their chin. Led by primary songwriter and vocalist/guitarist Dan Bacon alongside of bassist Pat Downing, and drummer Scott Dude, The Dudes debut album This Guy’s the Limit followed soon after the band’s formation; it enjoyed critical acclaim from music lovers nationwide and was supported with a coast-to-coast Canadian tour. By the end of 2003, The Dudes continued to rock out frequently - performing alongside of Mudhoney, Nashville Pussy, the Supersuckers, New Pornographers and Joel Plaskett Emergency - and also found time to record a second record and their strongest effort to date, Beepuncher. In 2004, The Dudes brought the hotly anticipated Beepuncher album over to the friendly Vancouver indie Boompa! Records to release, promote and support their sophomore release. Until then, stay tuned to the rock.


Beepuncher (BOOMPA!) - 2003

Set List

Approx 45 min set.