The Dukes of Ted

The Dukes of Ted


Do you like to dance?? Do you like to party?? Then you will have a great time with The Dukes of Ted. We combine funk, rock, blues and much more to create a new sytle all our own, rhythm 'n' grooves. Guaranteed to make you shake your tail feathers.


From their humble beginning in the Music Department at Humboldt State University, The Dukes of Ted have blossomed into one of the most energetic and dynamic new dance bands on the touring scene. These four young musicians, along with their dog, "The Dude," decided to step out into the world and live their dream of universal exploration though music. They began booking their own tours, bought a 1963 GMC school bus, and have never looked back. They have now toured successfully in seven states in their first six months on the road leaving thousands of mystified listeners in their wake.
From their roots in Rock n' Roll, Funk, Jazz and World Music, the Dukes have cultivated an original sound; consisting of detailed and sophisticated compositions coupled with intense, passionate improvisation.
The Dukes have recently moved to Boulder, CO and have taken the Front Range by storm. Having played over 25 shows in their first two months of 2007, The Dukes of Ted are becoming well known amongst the people of Colorado.


Bird on the Wire EP released August 2005,
Live Tracks from Winter Tour 2007, &
Live at Moe's Alley, Santa Cruz, CA 2006 available at

Set List

Dukes of Ted Example Setlist

Set 1: Let Go -> Back on the Road, Lorax -> What's Goin' On -> Lorax, I Wish, The Devil.
Set 2: Da Na Na Na Na, Big ol' Ball, Penguin March ->The Rain -> Fondue Jam -> Penguin March, Next Time, Wildfire.
Set 3: Take You In, Late in the Evening, The Music, Day 2 Day, Badfish, Spass, Sleeping Train.
Encore: Blues For Ben

We play as long as we are allowed, usually 2-3 sets that range from 1-2 hours a piece. Typical Dukes show lasts 3+ hours. We have 40+ original tunes and a bunch of covers we use to keep people's attention. Some recent covers we have been playing are Peter Gabriel-Sledgehammer, Paul Simon-Late in the Evening, Stevie Wonder-I Wish, Sublime-Badfish and more....