The Duke Street Kings

The Duke Street Kings


The Duke Street Kings play a Chicago style blues show with succinct guitar riffs, wailing harmonica and smokey vocals. We have an excellent following in the Denver area. We have a mailing list of over 500 fans and it grows each gig. The Duke Street Kings have an entertaining stage act with fun music


The Kings formed in 1981 as a college band playing the Denver area. We played at Sam's on Lookout Mountain! (How many bands can still claim that?), Lakeside Amusement Park and lots of other college bars and parties. After a few years the Kings disbanded (pun intended) and the members went on their separate ways.
In 1998 a twist of fate and a concerted effort by calling every Alan Hines (lead guitar, hair stylist) in the Denver phone book, Ranger Miller (harmonica, guitar?, and vocals), and Frank Serra (bass, vocals) The Duke Sreet Kings were back together. Since then the Kings added Scott Shreeve (interpretive dance, percussion and vocals), Andrew Mueller (drums), Matt Martin (biggest gigging guitarist in the world), Ed May (bass and band smart ass) and Tica Perry (vocals) The Duke Street Queen? Oh well, I think Tica was only like three years old when we picked the name. Recently, Andrew grew frustrated that we wouldn't play more ABBA and decided to move back east after six years in the band. Gordon Stewart (drums, choreography) has replaced Andrew.


She's Got That

Written By: Miller/Hines

She got a funky little step that put a pretty little wiggle in her walk
She got that sweet little smile and that sexy little giggle in her talk
She got that somethin' in her eyes when the light is right they sparkle and shine
She got that ripe and juicy look, I want to pluck her like a grape right off the wine
Her very presence starts a ringin' like the singin' of the angels in my ear
She got the magic of the temptress, man I'm tellin' you it's clear

She Got That x4

She got that desk right by the window and the sunlight always plays right off her hair
She got that way of walkin' by that makes the boys all put their pencils down and stare
She got that confident expression when she turns and looks directly in your eye
And then demurely tips her head as if she's laughin' at you and you don't know why
Now I don't think that she is teasin' me on purpose she ain't teasin' me for fun
But ever since she started workin' here my work ain't gettin' done


Yes she's got a place where I meet her almost every night
It's in my dreams where I kiss her and I hold her tight
She doesn't know she's got the power make me feel so blue
But she also got the key to make my dreams come true


She got no ring on her finger and I never see her with a guy
She got that friendly disposition and I'm thinkin' I should give my luck a try
But when I finally get to meet her my illusion could be absolutely false
But I would dearly like the chance to take her in my arms and teach her how to waltz
Now I've been told it's temporary fascination and it will all fade away
But if she's wantin' my attention baby what else can I say


Abercrombie Zombie

Written By: Miller/Hines

I don't understand these kids who think it's cool to be different.
I know to be cool you got to be the same.
As all the little bleach blonde kids at my bleach blonde high school.
But most of all you've got to wear the name

Yeah, I just wanna be an Abercrombie Zombie
You might think I'm just a spoiled little bitch
Cause I will not wear clothes that don't say Tommy Hilfiger
Unless they say Abercrombie and Fitch

My daddy says that he don't understand me
He says my friends shouldn't judge me for what I wear
So he won't let me drive his Eddie Bauer Expedition
To go buy my designer underwear


I heard that girl say she bought that coat at a thrift store
Thrift store shopping is so not for me
A four letter word if I ever heard one
Has got to be individuality


Yeah, Calvin's out and Tommy's in
And I'm lookin' good because I'm pencil thin
In my push-up bra and my low cut jeans
I'm your Aber-Tommy-Crombie queen


I'm in with the in crowd
I know what the in crowd knows
I'm in with the in crowd
'Cause I got all my in crowd clothes


In With The In Crowd (2004), next release this year.

Set List

A typical set list is mostly covers, though we have about an hour and a half of originals. Our sets range between 45 minutes to two hours depending on the crowd. A set list might look like this.

Good Work
Gimme Three Steps
House Is A Rockin’
Bobbie McGee
HonkyTonk Woman
One Way Out
It Hurt So Bad
Sweet Emotion
Feelin’ Alright
Should I Stay
Get Out Of Denver

I Love Rock & Roll
Secret Agent Man
I’m a Believer
I Saw Her Standing There
Sweet Home Alabama
Hands Clean
Live With Me
Some Kind Of Wonderful
Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
Change In Pocket
Be My Girl
Sweet Child Of Mine

Road Runner
Lo Rider
Mustang Sally
Love Me Like A Man
I Got Nothin’
Cadillac Ranch
Jenny 867-5309
Wild Nights
Treat Her Right
Black Velvet
Scraggy View
Pour Down On Me
Brown Eyed Girl