The Dull-Eyed Llamas

The Dull-Eyed Llamas


The Dull-Eyed Llamas have been mesmerizing audiences in cafés around Toronto since August of 2005. Inspired by musical styles including folk, rock, bossa nova and jazz, their catchy songs are alternately upbeat, soulful, irreverent and intelligent—and often all four at once!


The Dull-Eyed Llamas are an eclectic pop band with influences as diverse as klezmer, punk, jazz and folk. Fascinated by different musical genres, songwriter Ariel Brink constantly attempts to expand on the band’s colourful sound, an ambition aided by the presence of an accordionist and saxophonist. His catchy songs are upbeat, soulful, irreverent and intelligent—sometimes all four at once—and range in subject from traditional tales of love to songs about rocks, religion, thunderstorms, alcohol and jam.

Ariel Brink was already a seasoned singer/songwriter when he joined forces with guitar virtuoso and bassist Avital Zemer in August of 2005. As MurMur, they played in cafes around Toronto, delighting audiences with their unusual lyrics and upbeat sound. Despite Brink's repeated inability to recognize her, award-winning drummer Lorie Wolf joined the band in early 2007. The talented Mike Landoni added tenor sax (and clarinet and flute) to the mix in October of that year, and the band played their first gig as “The Dull-Eyed Llamas”. Finally, entranced by harmonies at a Concord Café gig, accordionist-about-town Ronen Segal joined the crew in April of 2008.

The band started recording their first full-length album—tentatively titled “If You Wanna Know”—at Orange Lounge in the summer of 2008. Now in its last stages of mixing, the album should be available by the middle of December 2009, with an official release date posted for early 2010. Accolades to follow…


"If You Wanna Know..." released on Feb. 2010

Set List

Our set list is typically 60 minutes long

Song List:

15 Minutes
Push Pull
If You Wanna know
In My Shoes
Liquid Joy
Fly Away
The Teachers Are Drinking
If She Will Change
Tumble Dry