The Dunes

The Dunes


Cross Radiohead and The Clash a little of the Who a wee bit of Oasis and Doves and you get The Dunes, who pull on your heart strings one minute and the next your rejoicing in the epic triumphantness that is life.The shows? Heartpounding!Electric! an audio truth explosion for your senses!


The song is king.

Toronto-based quartet has entrenched themselves into the solid foundation of innovative rock n roll in releasing debut effort Socializing With Life. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joao Carvalho Socializing With Life is proof-positive that the past Five years of touring Ontario and Canada have done nothing but solidify The Dunes penchant for heartfelt songs based in muscular, catchy rock.

The Dunes music is liberated. One can hear calm comfort on Socializing With Life, a confident mixture of Radiohead-inspired dynamics and a Beatles-esque knack for harmony laid over Clash-styled boisterous, energetic backbeats.

The instinctual infusion of lilting melodies with anthemic choruses held together over rock solid rhythms gives The Dunes instant aural appeal without compromising their edge or grace. In other words, while they know how to hook you with lush melodies, theres no denying the grit underneath.

Our interest in diversifying our sound gives us uniqueness, notes guitarist Alistair Heath.
Pullen continues, We can embrace ballads, in-your-face rock or whatever the song calls for. Structure? Who needs it? Its confining. Why write the same song over and over again, adding that, a scene or a sound will go away but a good song will last forever.

Since the release of Socializing w/Life The boys had themselves a Top 40 rock radio hit with first single "Do it all the time" aswell as high rotation play for the songs video on Much Music Much More Music and Much Loud, also The dunes were awarde the Chart sizzler award by shooting up the Canadian College Charts 15places in the first week of release from #20 to #5. The press has been nothing short of amazing The Dunes were also voted by "Classic Rock Magazine" (UK) one of the top 15 bands to look out for in 2007 and thier single "do it all the time" was also included on the acompanying cd compilation. The Dunes completed thier first UK tour this past summer to rave reviews selling out Camdens Barfly. As of right now "Socializing" has been released in Canada Germany Austria Switzerland U.K. Netherlands and Korea ,they continue to write and perform and are half way through the recording of thier second album tenatively titled "bipolar bare".To see them live is to feel alive thier shows are high energy and have been described as "an audio truth explosion for your senses". Believe it!

Long live the king.


Do it all the time

Written By: The Dunes

I dont know what im doing
I do it all the time
I dont know where I'm going just what I left behind

Yeah you know I do it all the time
Yeah you know I do it all the time

I feel the future's coming I dont know what it is
I feel it steady humming
Its right between my ears

Yeah you know I knew it all the time
Yeah you know I do it all the time

Im feeling good now you know maybe I'll get it right
I feel I just stepped onto
the universal flight
I feel so good now you know you know I'm feeling high
I feel so good know like I like I could touch the sky

Yeah you know I do it all the time
Yeah you know I do it all the time

Follow that road till you get there
and when you get there do it all the time

hurry up

Written By: the dunes

its cold outside, darkness falls but lifes to loud to hear my calls
I know your there behind the mist sailing in from your trip

and you oh i will wait for you, but hurry up
yeah you i will wait for you, but hurry up

its warmer now the suns come up
brand new day might bring some luck
i see your sails though far away
drawing nearer everyday

and you oh i will wait for you, but hurry up
yeah you i will wait for you, but hurry up

all the time to leave, all the time to stay floating on the breeze tracing out the days i need your love to see i need your love to pay so come i beg you please dont wait for me to say

Hurry up

calling all cars

Written By: the dunes

fuck them if they can’t take a joke
convinced we rise up in the smoke
i might blow up and i might float
call in the spies i’m going broke

pull out the map is this the place
what’s in a name and what’s in a face
i’ve landed on mars but that’s my mistake
been riding in cars without any brakes

cause i’m just socializing with life
fetch me some stars for my saturday nights
calling all cars i feel right
and i might just make it i might

pass me the wine i'll pass it back
take off your clothes sit on my lap
wiggle your toes take off my hat
love will flow don’t you turn off the tap

read me the words define what they mean
take all the shadows out of my dreams
hold me in close and then set me free
hold me in close and then set me free

cause i’m just socializing with life
fetch me some stars for my saturday nights
calling all cars i feel right
and i might just make it i might

i’m calling all cars
i’m calling all cars


The Dunes are currently recording thier follow up Cd due out spring of 08

2006 Debut CD "Socializing with Life"

01. now
02. sunflower eyes
03. hurry up
04. calling all cars
05. the easiest
06. do it alll the time
07. rio grande
08. what you wanted
09. kennedys
10. lost

Lost, Kennedys, Calling all cars, Hurry up are streaming on Myspace:
Do it all the time, Easiest are streaming on

Socializing w/ Life recieved the "chart sizzler award" by storming into 2ndthplace on the Canadian college radio charts its first week
"Do it all the time" (first single) reached the top 40 on the Canadian Charts

Currently 5 tracks are recieving Radio Play on Rock Radio Stations throughout Canada and the World

Set List

The typical set list is songs from Socializing with Life with appoximately 9-10 tracks per set.

01. What will be
02. Cacophonic lullaby/never date an actor
03. calling all cars
04. We need a song
05. Settling in
06. shock you
07. Let it go
08. do it alll the time
09. i change

This set list contains alot of our new material and just the fan favourites off "socializing w/ life"

Sets are usaully 45 mins
we mix up songs from the record as well as some killer new ones we play a few covers when we feel the mood is right radioheads "blackstar" is one spacehogs "in the meantime" is another we have over an hour and half of our material.