The D'Urbervilles

The D'Urbervilles

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

We are a band from Guelph, Ontario. There are four of us. We were told recently that our music reminds people of detective shows like Magnum PI or a car chase in an early 1970s San Francisco. This is strangely fitting. Our first full length is being released in February. We will be touring now.


Guelph, Ontario has yielded some fantastic young post-punk bands over the years but few have created as much of a fuss as The D'Urbervilles. The Oshawa-bred group has mixed a scrappy sensibility with an earnest, empowering outlook that has fostered wise-beyond-their-years political anthems and a fan base of true believers. Winning hearts every time they pour all they've got into their live show, the D'Urbervilles now have a bold, blistering document of songs with their new debut full-length, We Are the Hunters. Raw, heartfelt, and bounding with measured exuberance, The D'Urbervilles continue to write cool, quirky pop songs with an angular edge that speak to a young, righteous worldview. The band is slyly political, hoping to provoke social change through thoughtfulness, rather than hard-headed dogma. Recorded by producer/engineer Chris Stringer (We're Marching On, Ohbijou) at the fabled Halla Music studios in Torono, We Are the Hunters is a mighty, meticulous collection of nine sensitive, street-tough songs that bring out the pounding heart of the D'Urbervilles, who have never sounded so cohesive.

- Vish Khanna


"We Are The Hunters" (Out of This Spark, 2008)

"The D'Urbervilles" EP (Independent, 2006)

three song ep (Independent, 2005)

Set List

Knock Out the Fat
We Are the Hunters
Get In, Get Out
Hot Tips
This is the Life
The Receiver
Spin the Bottle
National Flowers
Belladonna, Deadly Nightshade

30-40 minute sets