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"The Durty Wurks ...Somebody's Got To Do It!"

Somebody’s Got To Do It
The Scottish band launch into things on “Free Rollin’” and shakes
things up finely. The guitar places an onus on the rhythm that holds
up well. The rock’n’roll elements of their sound blend and show in
terms of how tight the whole process plays and feels. Displaying a
sturdy side is “Nightmare”. It is able to process a shoegazer styling to
great effect. There is something that staves away on the sound that
the playing finely brings out in a clear and concise way. They then
seem to drift away on next song “Enomena”. The grandeur to it all
delivery this is finely coaxed out in the delivery. The vocals sit ever so
well on it and the rhythm slips away on it with a true degree of
reverence. The deadened feel to it is pleasing to hear.
“Time Fades Away” has a volume and lift in the sound that is relayed
sufficiently on it. Catchy in the right way, what also shows well on it is
how they track the playing in it. As already mentioned, the volume of
the song is apparent and that is what sells it here.
The dainty aspects of “Carousel” easily shine through. The casual way
to how it plays is well adhered to allowing the rhythm to run through
it in a way that shows. In short it is a great tune from beginning to
end. “The Way” contains something that is entirely inviting. The
vibrancy displayed in the playing curtails neatly in the rhythm.
Pushed out by fine guitar riffs the song is driven on in a truly
nostalgic way with a slight psychedelic way in terms of how it coasts
along. Lavish beats bring a bounce to the sound on “Letting Go” that
is able to see the tune embrace a shoegazer style without having the
vocals drowned out and lost. Here the opposite is the case. Instead
what occurs is a song that is pursued finely and on
account of that approach the music takes precedent
and expertly locks that all in.
The lean drumming shows on “Community Mistress”. The
rest of the playing is affirmative and hangs loosely as the
other points of the song acquire that style. On the vocals it
shows tastefully well with something assured in how it takes
flight. A very fine bass with a sense of authority plays in
“Sunshine”. The guitar slightly strumming away comes in
creating a swagger to it all. Very fetchingly done, it then
proceeds along a well plotted course that duly sees the
excellence come to the fore. The mellow tune that ensues is
one with a fine pick-up. “Dream” closes out the album. Here
the rotund feel from it all disperses within the playing. The
apparent way that the playing creates a sunken feel is
something that it benefits from. It also sees the band paly to
their strengths on it.
8/10 - U&I Music Magazine

"The Durty Wurks ...Somebody's Got To Do It!"

..coming soon - U&I Music Magazine


On first listen to The Durty Wurks you’re met with a euphoric sound, ‘Dream’ appropriately sounds like a psychedelic trip into a dream world.

Soft, sombre guitars are met with a slow build up with added drums and eventually echoing vocals.

The track chimes in over the six and a half minute mark – which may be off putting at first glance – however the track itself pleasantly sets up the listener for a mellow journey through the creation, which has came from minds of the Edinburgh-based six-piece.

The sound and feel of the song may be akin to Pixies’ ‘Where Is My Mind’, the closing song from the cult favourite Fight Club, or itself could be found on the soundtrack of a low budget independent film, while the main character sits in a smoky, basement room pondering life after indulging on purposely made special brownies.

This is not a critique, however the band do offered sounds unlike any other heard recently.

The Durty Wurks describe themselves as having a blend of varied influences; this of course has contributed to their unique, gloomy sound. - Rave Child


Psychedelic / Shoegaze
Abum: 'Somebody's Got To Do It!', released 21 july 2013
An album absolutely vibrant, splendid, full of contrasts and nuances. Excellent mix of sounds: gaze the psych.
Track: 'Nightmare' - Indie Music In Red


...Somebody's Got To Do It! - available from all major distributers ;)



The Durty Wurks consists of 6 young mates, who through a turbulent first year have played more gigs than had practices, had more drinks than hours sleep and still seem to keep going. Its not all just about making great music, its a lifestyle, a cliche many a band state but The Durty Wurks are rock and roll personified.

The Durty Wurks write, perform, promote and produce all there own songs, recordings and artwork and believe that music/art should be free for consumers and all they want is for you to enjoy there creations.