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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Recommendation Letter"

"We have booked them many times, as each time they play the club is filled and people are dancing".

- Christian Gregg - Head Talent Buyer of Le Swimming, Montreal

"Recommendation Letter"

"In my opinion the music sounds really great! I hear great potential in their music" - Mike Renaud - head of A&R for V2 records.

"Judge this book by its cover"

"Rock and roll hallelujah!" frontman Adam Kagan of The Dust Jackets sang Jan. 14 at Petit Café Campus (57 Prince-Arthur). Thank God for rock and this band for bringing it back to its roots. The Dust Jackets is a band that, I'm proud to announce, is made up entirely of McGill alumni and current students in Medicine, English and other disciplines.

Kagan, the lead singer and songwriter, explained in an interview that the band wants the crowd to experience a literal rollercoaster of emotions aroused by their varied tunes, a ride smoothed with occasional rock ballads that eventually reach a climax of fast and hard funky rock beats-a quasi-sexual trip.

Their unique name was revealed to Kagan in a dream. It is easy to discern that the term "dust" in Dust Jackets stands for their ragged, classic rhythms inspired by the likes of Miles Davis and Bob Marley, as well as some indie contemporaries. As for "jackets," those are exactly what everyone who filled up the floor was taking off as they danced to the funky rhythms.

What makes the band unique is that they complement this mélange with versatile members who are all capable singers and make use of these talents by weaving stunning harmonies. It seems that their secret is the unspoken connection and complicity real musicians develop.

The bottom line is, The Dust Jackets know what they're doing. Luckily for all of you who crave more, Kagan confirms that the band will last "as long as I can possibly sustain it." Given that they have played 41 shows to rave reviews, released an excellent nine-track album, regularly fill rooms with audiences of around 300 people ranging from teenagers to baby boomers, and possess both a lot of potential and genuine love for music, it is safe to say they'll be around for quite a while.
- Mcgill Tribune


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Dust Jackets are a dynamic music group that fuses straightforward rock with funk, blues and ragged rhythms.  Forged in the depths of Montreal, the band began as a three person acoustic act in 2001, and has since blossomed into a full 5-piece rock ensemble. Their achievements include winning a recording grant from Factor Canada, playing over 40 shows at notable downtown Montreal night-clubs and being featured on McGill University radio and television.
The Dust Jackets have a reputation of playing with, not to, the crowd. The show is a symbiotic experience, never duplicated, never wrong, never right. If the crowd is begging for fast, hard, funky beats, The Dust Jackets will grind them out. If a ballad is begged for, knees will buckle to rich harmonies and haunting lyrics.
One of the many things that make the group unique is that everyone in the band is a fully capable singer. This allows the group to execute complex four or five-part harmonies that are rarely found in other rock groups. Another quality that contributes to the group’s fresh sound is it’s arsenal of different songs that range from fast and furious, to somber and reflective. As a result, the live shows and albums produce a full range of emotional reactions.
Essentially, The Dust Jackets always strive to create a certain moment, described as follows, by lead singer and songwriter Adam Kagan:
“A point is reached, a niche in time, when reality splinters. Old memories, strong in feeling, weak in significance, breathe onto your skin as the motion slows down, and all the fragments finally become visible.”
The Dust Jackets are fully dedicated to the achievement of this moment.