The Dutch Elms

The Dutch Elms


From Just Add Noise: "Dutch Elms' debut, Music For Happiness, is a sticky-sweet, 60s-California-beach-pop-colored glowing mass of sunshine reminiscent of the originators, The Beach Boys, and more recently, dios - but with just a small pinch of city roots" - I couldn't have said it better myself


Jay Chilcote, Terry Picknell and Brian Willett all write and back each other's songs with simplistic rhythms and guitars and well-used organ. With keyboardist Anne Lange chiming in on backup vocals (though sadly she never takes lead vocals for a Mo Tucker-style song), the Dutch Elms sound a little like Belle and Sebastian with fewer members. They touch on many of the same influences of those indie-pop mainstays, including the Kinks and the Beach Boys, but stripping away the extraneous instrumentation gives songs like the bouncy "Died in a Lake" a welcome immediacy. The Dutch Elms come from the same fertile soil as the Revolutionary Hydra, and for that matter share a connection with Death Cab for Cutie, thanks to the work in all three of Mr. Jay Chilcote. It's a complicated family tree, but it is there, and in this incarnation, is devoid of all the gray, rainy drizzle of the Seattle surroundings.


Music for Hapiness - CD/LD - Jigsaw Records - 2004

Set List

A typical Set List is 11 songs w/in a half hour. All songs are typically around 2 min or slightly more. The songs we perform are directly off the CD:
1. Cleopatra
2. Knickers In A Twist
3. Doctoral Dissipation
4. Yesterday's Coffee
5. Don't Call Me Winston
6. Amelia Airheart
7. Therefore Talk
8. Limp Around The Park
9. Died In A Lake
10. Dinner Train
11. Letters From

No covers as of yet, but we're thinking of covering Can's "Vitamin C" as interpreted by The Mamas and the Papas