The Duvtons

The Duvtons

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Punk rock meets Pink Floyd. The ultimate betrayal of what punk stands for. Tech Punk or Punk Floyd? You choose.


In a year that involved court cases and shows across the great southern land that is Australia, The Duvtons have garnished some positive reviews. Recently scoring supports with CKY (USA) and Guttermouth (USA) which resulted in some great buzz and a personal invitation to tour the US next year with Guttermouth. The Duvtons also recently supported The Real Deal (Canada) with more international supports scheduled for 2011.

'Dirty, fast punk rock. Nice!' Stu Harvey (Short Fast Loud - JJJ 107.5FM)

'The Duvtons rip down the walls while The *****y's play to a docile crowd' - (

'The Duvtons are fucking sick!' - Bam Margera (Jackass)

'The Duvtons have certainly garnished some positive reviews for their efforts on stage' - Justin Donnelly (Beat Magazine)

A notorious live act on the streets of Melbourne, Australia - The Duvtons are now spreading out consolidating on local glory by playing large international support slots across Australia in cities and regional areas and now looking to the US for 2011.

Recording at the famous Sing Sing studios in Melbourne with Matt Voigt (The Living End, Powderfinger, Rage Against The Machine, KISS) and mastering in Los Angeles by sound guru Tom Baker (Bad Religion, Parkway Drive, Nine Inch Nails, Michael Jackson, Gwen Stefani and many more), The Duvtons are in the midst of releasing digital singles at a rate of one per month in a brand new music delivery platform brought about by small independent label Major Label Records.

A great pedigree behind them, a demonstrated ability to play the bigger gigs and great music made by friendly people. Catch THE DUVTONS.


Aliens Done Took Mah Sanity

Written By: Matthew Galer

Mayday, mayday, we’re going down

Mother always said that I was of a special breed

But then neglected to inform me that my species won’t agree

So as the lights disorientate

And transport me vertically

This unnatural selection

Instantly advances me

Because the tests are in, your chart is here, a lollipop, then done

Now publish my results to prove I am the chosen one

They didn’t take my sanity

When they arrived and took an interest in me

My existence questioned by life forms lower than I

As amoebas ostracize amoebas that claim otherwise

But still we can’t make the connection

Because our arrogance assumes

That no one’s waving down at us

From microscopic zoom

Because the tests are in, your chart is here, a lollipop then done

Now publish my results to prove I am the chosen one

They didn’t take my sanity

When they arrived and took an interest in me

Surely now my story is more than mere fantasy

And the evidence conclusive that I’m not fucking crazy

No doubt the final message reads

That they arrived and took an interest in me

No intelligent life was found (They took an interest in me)

Subject dubbed mentally unsound(They took an interest in me)

Lets burn this bastard to the ground (They took an interest in me)

The Mushrooms Are Coming

Written By: Matthew Galer

It's time for the dirt

To move up in the world

Up is down, this havens gone to hell

So we dig a grave, to live to tell

I am king in here

Worshipped and revered

But alas, this place is not built for two

And this one, has nothing left to rule

Paranoia built a shelter for me

From one hell of a storm that's always been brewing

If you look to the forecast there's no cloud to see

But when the mushrooms are coming... then we'll see whose crazy

You maniacs. You blew it up.

God damn you.

God damn you all to hell

Hell is on the other side of that door

So the lesser of two evils is to stay and become furniture

For civilization to survive the human race has to become centralised

When I'm old and grey

I'd have won the race

Soul survived, this planets my playground

For maintenance, entry's still not allowed.

Can we go outside and play?

It looks like such a lovely day

Bang goes the fun guy routine

Bang goes the fungi


The Duvtons - Greatest Hits (Album 2009)
The Duvtons - Aliens Done Took Mah Sanity (Single NOV 2010)
The Duvtons - Mushrooms (Single DEC 2010)

Set List

Ren Intro

He came unto me

Jerry Springer



Lemmings Outro


Tube Intro

Tube 1




Aliens Outro


Tube 2


Let Me Say this one last thing