Thed Weller

Thed Weller

 Birmingham, Alabama, USA
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Hip Hop the way Hip Hop was intended. Two turn-tables and a microphone! Real melodies, memorable hooks and meaningful lyrics. Not just "rap music" but Hip Hop songs. Thed Weller with DJ Red Bone are how you know hip hop isn't dead.


Thed Weller is a Real Mordern Day "Throw Back" to everything that made you first fall in love with Hip Hop Music. Influenced by the life, love and lyrics of the best from all genres, Thed represents everything that hip hop could and should be. Born and raised in Alabama, Thed creates "southern fried" urban music sprinkled with a dash of East Coast Accents!
Be sure to go to for his newest project "Better Than I Can Tell You." This is his sophomore to the award winning album "Ain't No Pillows on the Road." The sales of both albums now go to benefit the HHiM (Hip Hop is Music) Foundation which is the non-profit he's started dedicated to provide college scholarships for hip hop artists! Or visit him at to stay up on the latest.


Debut CD - Ain't No Pillows on the Road is the "2005 Dirty Thirty Favorite Album" winner.
2007 AUA (Alabama Underground Award) Winner
2007 Contributed songs for original motion Picture Sound Track for Emmy award winning documentary "Mr. Dial Has Something to Say."
2007 Release critically acclaimed sophomore Album "Better Than I Can Tell You."
2008 BAMA (Birmingham Area Music Awards) Nominee & Performer
2010 Winner Sidewalk Scrambled Jam Music Video
2010 [DAT2] LIVE! from Malcolm's Reading Room

Set List

Generally, Thed Weller performs all original music during a 30-120 minute set. This includes 6-20 songs from both of his albums. His shows can be and are often times "family friendly".