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"thee acquainted" is made up of Arielle Ackford and Jacob Brown. This project came about in an interesting way, creating a story you don't normally hear. Some say it sounds like something out of a movie.
Arielle is from a small town in Ontario, Canada, and Jacob from San Diego, California. How these 2 met you may ask yourself. Well, in 2010 they both attended a teen music camp for 1 week in Nashville that summer, but never met while at the camp. But, as everyone was dropped off at the airport to catch their flights home, some had to wait around for a while. In that group of people waiting was Arielle and Jacob. They still hadn't met though, until a guy asked Jacob if he had heard Arielle sing, saying she had an amazing voice. Jacob was intrigued and asked who it was, the friend pointed to of course the girl Jacob had noticed at camp but was too afraid to talk to. But he overcame that fear and asked her to play him a song. So she did, but only if he played her a song in return. It became a large jam session with many of the teens in the group, but was mainly Jacob and Arielle going back and forth talking and playing songs they both knew together. After only 3 hours of this, Jacob had to leave to catch his flight. Not knowing if they would ever see each other again, they exchanged email addresses and took a photo together and he went on his way. Little did they know that those 3 hours would change their lives forever.
Back in California, Jacob had been a guitarist in many bands, playing shows, writing songs and learning as much as he could to prepare for a future in music.
Arielle played in bands as well, writing and performing, hoping to eventually find her way into the business.
Once they got home from the camp, they went back to their normal lives but began talking on sites such as Facebook and eventually skyping.
Realizing they had so much in common and both wanted to be in similar areas in the music industry, they started talking and making plans to work together on music one day, but secretly underneath it all they both had hoped for more than just to work on music and just to be acquaintances (hence where the name comes from. They didn't know if that was all they would ever be. Just acquainted with each other or if they were meant to be more).
Eventually all of this was talked about and they planned for Arielle to travel to Atlanta to visit Jacob while he was enrolled in Atlanta Institute of Music. On they trip they began dating and working on music together. Since then they have seen each other 3 times. They've been writing and playing the occasional show preparing for the next steps in their relationship and their music careers.
Arielle is currently working as a musician in Ontario with different groups and taking Berklee's, Artist Management Professional Certificate program to further her knowledge of the music industry to prepare herself for the years ahead.
Jacob is a top graduate of Atlanta Institute of Music and permanently relocated to the greater Atlanta area, working as a professional studio and performance musician.

Their music is an interesting collaboration, considering Jacob's love for jazz and instrumental music and Arielle's more poetic and lyrical influences, creating well thought out instrumental parts with meaningful and intriguing lyrics and melodies. They have plans to further this project by recording a 5 song EP this year, along with making many videos, playing more shows and having professional photos taken. Eventually basing the group out of Atlanta when Arielle moves there.

They love working with other artists, and are currently collaborating with artists in very different genres. Both are extremely motivated and determined to work very hard on this project to reach people with a new involved musical experience that will draw a crowd and inspire to live to the fullest.
With their love for music and love for each other, they believe anything and everything is possible with their music and are not afraid of what lies ahead. They are already doing what some believe to be impossible...