The Earaches

The Earaches


"Like the legendary Sonics before them, this Seattle band personifies high-energy rock 'n' roll..." ~ Don Yates / KEXP Music Director


Hey, we're The Earaches from Seattle, WA. We draw on the entire history of rock and roll for our influences, but what comes out is usually referred to as "garage rock" or "punk rock," or "garage punk," and sometimes "punk garage." While we're comfortable with any of those tags, we just call it HIGH OCTANE ROCK N' ROLL, meaning that we play music that we like, for ourselves, with all the soul we can muster. Yeah, we've been around the track a few times, but as long as there's gas in the tank we'll keep the hammer down, spurred on by an insatiable love of music.

We live by the philosophy of the THREE F's: FUN, FUZZ, and FUCK IT IF YOU CAN'T TAKE A JOKE. We don't like to get too political, but in the current climate it's not only hard to keep quiet, it's irresponsible.
Here are some of the radio stations that have given The Earaches regular airplay:

KEXP (Seattle, WA.)
KDVS (Davis, CA.)
KSJS (San Jose, CA.)
WFMU (New Jersey)
WPRB (Princeton, N.J.)
KFJC (Los Altos Hills, CA.)
WFMO (Medford, OR.)
WUSB (Long Island, N.Y.)
CJSF (Burnaby, B.C.)
KSCU (Santa Clara, CA.)
WMBR (Cambridge, MA.)
CITR (Vancouver, B.C., CAN.)
Here are just a few of the bands that The Earaches have enjoyed sharing the stage with:

The Bellrays / The Boss Martians / The Black Keys / The Soledad Brothers / The Romantics / Jeff Dahl / The Vibrators / Glass Heroes / Jukebox Zeros / The Charms / Sonic Love Affair / Hater / Thee Shams / Ms Led / Moral Crux / Mack / ADZ / The Candy Snatchers / Thee Emergency / The Shadows Of Knight / The Resistoleros / Hammerlock / Bible Of The Devil / Scott Drake / The Reds / The Briefs / The Cops / The Whore Moans / The New Fangs


The Earaches are distributed by Red Eye USA on Steel Cage Records.

Full lengths:
"Time On Fire" - CD (Steel Cage Records 2006)
"Get The Revolution Out Of Your Head" - CD (Steel Cage records 2005)
"Fist Fights, Hot Love" - CD (Steel Cage Records 2003)

"So Deep" (Live on KEXP) - 7" (Steel Cage Records 2006)
"Freedom Fries"/"Too Hot To Taste" 7" - (Steel Cage Records 2004)

Compilation Appearances:
"Don't Care If I Die" - The Funhouse Comp Thing CD (My Fat Ass Productions 2006)
"Monkey Knife Fight" - Hot Rod Girls Save The World - Film and Film Soundtrack CD (Go-Kustom Rekords 2005)
"Brand New Chevy" - Attack From Planet Of The Devil Dogs - Tribute To The Devil Dogs (Head Dip - Germany 2004)
"Set My Love On You" - Untamed Music: It Came From The Northwest EP (Carbon 14 magazine #22 2003)
"23/Screwtop Wine" - Dirtnap Across The Northwest CD (Dirtnap Records 2003)

Set List

This is a typical 15-song 45-minute set:

01) Don't Care If I Die
02) You're No Good For Me
03) So Into You
04) Just Ain't Right
05) Right Now
06) Handcuff Luv
07) (You're A) Liar
08) Useless
09) Not The Kinda Man I Am
10) Hard Up
11) Our Own Thing
12) Fake Radio
13) 23/Screwtop Wine
14) My Heart Runs Wild
15) So Deep

*This set includes songs from all 3 full length CD releases.