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The best kept secret in music


"The Early Morning - 3 Song EP"

This EP came to me courtesy of my friend Angelique from Revolving Radio in Chicago. We were chewing the fat online about bands that had been monopolizing our playlists as of late and she starts to tell me about Toronto’s own The Early Morning. Intrigued by what she has to say, I ask her to email me a few of their songs. A few minutes later, their three song EP is out of my inbox and into my iTunes. I cue up the opener track “Some Days It’s Too Hard” and as it begins, I’m struck by the emotional urgency in frontman Tim Foran’s vocals; they leave me rooted like the embrace of a dying lover.

As the song progresses, I get this mental picture of Tim sitting alone in a friends basement under the watchful glare of a lone light bulb, a Ouija across his knees. The air in the room is cloying and still, the only movement coming from the glass piece under his fingertips. I’d love to say that it spelled out a heartfelt message for him that night, something Tim later wrote a song about, but that would be trite and what followed is anything but.

Instead of a run-of-the-mill arch lord of hell predicting death and calamity, Ian Curtis, bored shitless in purgatory pops in for a chat. Apparently there was little else to do there but watch the world go by, without a single soul to go on about things to. Judging by some of the commentary to follow, he’d had quite a bit piling up on his chest over the years.

He tells Tim what a bunch of “coonts” Bernard and the rest of the lads in New Order are for pissin’ all over the legacy of Joy Division. “We had something really grand happening and they go an’ turn it into a soddin’ dance band… if I had known what that coont was plannin’, I would’ve hung him up and not meself!” Rambling on, Ian waxes poetic about the state of music today (“complete shite”), Tony Wilson (“a fookin’ genius”), and where he’d be if it weren’t for a certain length of rope (“I’d be a fat ‘as-been wanker like the rest of ‘em”).

Inspired by all the talk of influence, fame and infamy, Tim forms TEM creating a new brand of desperate soul reminiscent of the shimmering underbelly of the early eighties; A sweet throwback to the days that saw the likes of Joy Division, Chameleons UK and the Cure finding their muse in the dusk of human emotion.

By Cain Arsenault
- Truth.Explosion Magazine

"Tuned in to Early Morning news:"

May 25, 2005
Jason Schneider

I'm usually highly suspicious of any band without a human drummer in its lineup, but sometimes working within such limitations brings out the best new ideas. That seems to be the case with The Early Morning, a Toronto-based trio formed by two former area residents, Matt and Tim Foran.

The brothers grew up in Cambridge and lived in K-W while attending university in the '90s. It was then that they became involved in the local scene, but didn't seriously consider forming a band until they both ended up with jobs in Toronto and recruited keyboardist/guitarist Ryan Lowe.

"During our school days, Matt and I played casually in bands, but at that time it was more about going to shows than playing them," Tim Foran says. "The all-ages music scene in K-W and Guelph was fantastic, and from what we can tell, it remains far better than what is going on in Toronto."

Of course, he says, there are some definite benefits to being based in a huge centre, most notably the sheer number of stages available and "the incredible diversity of talent you can be exposed to on a regular basis."

Although the lineup of The Early Morning had a drummer until recently, Foran says that since they have gone back to working as a trio, it has allowed them to pursue a sound that's closer to the original vision of the band.

"We love to switch formulas to keep our ideas fresh and soundscaping each song," Tim says.

"We each write on our own and sometimes songs come from the simplest things like a bass line or keyboard sound. I usually take the idea, structure it with chords and melody and some idea of the lyric and pass it off to Ryan who arranges all of the percussion and elevates the ideas with new instrumentation. Then we all jump into it together to bring it further to life. In this stage, we use a number of new technologies, including electronic drum programming, some funky keyboards and some unique guitar boxes to shape it all together."

Foran continues, "In each song, we're searching for a unique balance of human emotion and new soundscapes to shine through. We respect the new beauty that comes from new technologies but also understand it's potential coldness. In our determination to create meaningful, lasting music that strikes a chord on a human level, we do our best to juxtapose the technology with lyrics and melodies that are simple, raw and true to the struggles and joys of life."

So far, The Early Morning has produced one three-song demo and is currently finishing a second.

In an unusual move, Foran says they prefer to give CDs out for free at shows.
"We've given out hundreds of our first three-song issue since January. At this point in our music careers and in the new world of music sales, we're choosing not to release anything commercially. We'd rather give away our discs at shows and make them available for free downloading. It's about getting our music out there and creating new fans and friends in the places where we tour."

And with a live show that is as intense as a drummerless trio can get, that shouldn't be a problem.

"We all have to play a lot of roles in concert to pull off our songs. In most songs, Ryan and I play both keyboards and guitar while Matt keeps the low-end pumping on bass. Our shows are usually quite intense, and since the project is so new, many people are only seeing us for the first time. They seem quite curious about how and where all these unusual sounds are coming from."

The Early Morning performs tonight along with Most Serene Republic and Michael O'Connell at The Starlight in Waterloo.
The all-ages show gets underway at 9 p.m.


Who: The Early Morning, with Most Serene Republic and Michael O'Connell
Where: Starlight club, 47A King St. N.,W'loo
Date: Tonight
Time: 9 p.m.
Phone: 885-4970

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- The Record (Kitchener-Waterloo)

"The Early Morning Play The Starlight"

June 3, 2005
Amanda Kind - Imprint staff

On Wednesday night, up and coming elecro-rock group, The Early Morning played a homecoming show at the Starlight lounge with The Most Serene Republic and Michael O'Connell.

Wednesday night's show had particular significance for the band whose members include Ryan Lowe and brothers, Tim and Matt Foran, because parents and friends had come from their hometown in Guelph to support the band.

The Early Morning rose to the occasion and gave a standout performance that was appreciated by friends, family and newcomers alike.

There was a solid presence by loyal fans and it is certain The Early Morning garnered new ones at the Starlight with their unique and catchy music. I have to admit, I found myself humming the chorus to "You've Got That Knowing Way" a few days later.

Also, the band gave audience members a chance to join their e-mail list and a copy of their three-song demo. It seems fans are making good use of the disc- I heard that same song that was stuck in my head blaring out of an apartment complex window Friday night.

The show started around ten at Starlight beginning with Michael O'Connell's commanding performance, accompanied by acoustic bass. O'Connell's diverse music and his velvet vocals made me wish there were more people around to appreciate his obviously outstanding talent.

The Most Serene Republic followed with their eclectic sound including an impressive stint by front man Adrian Jewett playing the trombone in one song- very cool. Hailing from Milton, The Most Serene Republic has six members (all of whom are charismatic and extremely talented) and recently made their Toronto debut after signing with Arts and Crafts.

The Early Morning took the stage around 11:30pm and expressed their gratitude for the support from local audiences and for the chance to play such a great venue. Ryan Lowe, lead guitarist and arranger for the electronic drums and keyboards, commented on the fan response, "audiences are generally into finding new and unique sounding bands, and most people at our shows are excited by what we're putting out there. We've had really great support for what we're doing so far."

Since relocating to Toronto, The Early Morning has been gaining momentum (and fans) at a rapid pace and recently made their radio debut with the song, "Some Days It's Too Hard" on CFNY 102.1.

Lowe recalls, "we were listening to CBC while loading gear out after a show at the Horseshoe and were floored to hear them plug the show and spin a track off our demo- it was a pretty amazing moment for us."

In addition to their roles as artists, Tim and Matt Foran share the task of managing the bands bookings, promotional materials and CD design. With the help of friends they also keep their website up to date.

The Early Morning has a wealth of shows coming up. This Saturday, June 4th, they play at the Boat in Kensington Market in Toronto with two other bands Shalabi Effect from Montreal and Beef terminal from Toronto.

Friday, June 17th is a busy day, as the band will be featured on CFRU FM 93.3's undertones program in the afternoon and then plays a show at the Vinyl Night Club in Guelph with the Miniatures and Guelph rockers, Samsara. With so much going on, it is certain The Early Morning is on the rise. For more information about the band and their upcoming events check out

- Imprint - The University of Waterloo Student Newspaper

"Canadian Music Week Review"

FRIDAY, March 3
The Early Morning - Lee's Palace, 9:30 pm
Rating: VVVVv

The only unsigned band on local indie promoter Eric Warner's fantastic CMW lineup was Toronto's own three-piece electro-rock outfit The Early Morning. Featuring brothers Tim and Matt Foran and Ryan Lowe, TEM also added a live drummer just for this show to help augment their drum machine beats.

After a bit of a rocky start (the drummer had trouble hearing the drum track), the boys recovered and were in fine form by their second song "Are You Ready?" which can be found on their brilliant new demo-which they gave away for free after the show. The band then ripped into the opening chords of fan favourite "You've Got That Knowing Way," a creepy, pulsating track that sounds like classic Ian Curtis at the helm of a gloomy New Order.

One of TEM's key strengths is Tim Foran's dark yet unmistakably hopeful lyrics. Foran sings like a man possessed by a ghost from the future, desperate to communicate with the living present. The result makes for a captivating and haunting performance style.

A lot of music gets compared to Joy Division these days-The Early Morning (along with Toronto's Uncut) is among the few groups that actually merit such a flattering comparison. Going by the crowd's enthusiastic response and the swarm of people who lined up for a free CD-R after the show, don't expect these guys to remain label-less for long.-JB

check it).-JB
- Varsity News (University of Toronto)

"Review - The Early Morning Demo 2005"

The Early Morning are somehow aptly named. They're an artsy band that seems to specialize in the feeling of having stayed up all night, possibly drinking, in a highly contemplative frame of mind. Evoking that kind of mood musically is an accomplishment, and The Early Morning are an accomplished band. With vocals falling somewhere between Ian Curtis and They Might Be Giants, the band's musical backdrop ranges from solo acoustic guitar to full-on epic synth. Despite their undeniably eccentric nature, everything here is tasteful. The band is understated rather than over-the-top. All in all, listening to The Early Morning is a compelling, personal experience and they have most definitely earned my thumbs up.
~Vladimir Urnst
- Toronto

"Canadian Music Week Power Rankings"

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18. Kira and the Kindred Spirit (Denmark)  
19. The Early Morning (Toronto, ON)  
20. The Villains (Calgary, AB)
- SoundProof Magazine


Demo - Jan 2005
Demos - March 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Brothers Tim and Matt Foran, along with close friend Ryan Lowe, formed the Toronto-based electro-rock band The Early Morning in early-2003. Their tight group has stepped out with a dark, intense and melodic rock sound.

The band paints dark but hopeful imagery – in a determinedly honest and simple voice, underpinned by minimalistic use of acoustic and innovative electronic instrumentation.

Its grinding guitars, sweeping keyboards and varied arrangements certainly owe inspiration to the likes of Massive Attack and Radiohead, while its raw, sincere, low vocals somehow share more with Leonard Cohen.

Since its outset, each member has traded turns on every instrument – from drums to bass to keys to guitars and back again. This sharing of duties continues now during all their writing sessions. In a live-setting, the band holds to more committed roles. The younger Foran brother, Matt, plays bass and some keyboard parts while Tim and Ryan share the guitars and most keyboards – doubling up on both at times.

The band's 2005 three-song release, combined with Ontario touring, helped the band rise in prominence in 2005. The year ended well with an opening slot for NYC's The National and their debut at the indie party series Sport Pig.

The Early Morning's latest set of demos, recorded at Toronto's Signal To Noise Studios and in their home studio, is now available at all their shows.

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