The Early Nasa
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The Early Nasa

Newark, Delaware, United States

Newark, Delaware, United States
Band Rock Folk


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""The Early Nasa ‘battles’ with guitars to win prize""

"...Yet it was The Early Nasa that won first place. The band wooed the crowd and panel of judges with its upbeat, indie rock and psychedelic jams. Tom Prokop and Ben Falandays took turns singing lead vocals, each having a completely different vibe. Prokop showed off a smooth voice, while Falandays carried a more alternative tone, occasionally screaming the lyrics.

"Everyone really has a different feel," Prokop, a sophomore, says. "We all come from different genres and routes."

The band members, Falandays, Prokop, Ethan Essick and Rob Nutini, are all self-taught musicians and play a variety of instruments including the guitar, banjo, ukulele, keyboard and harmonica. Prokop calls The Early Nasa's style of music 'experimental.'"
- The UD Review


Old Buddy EP



The Early Nasa was formed in 2010 off the heels of a former project called Hasta Victoria, and experiment in genre-bending that combined abstract hip hop with indie rock. When that project became defunct, guitarists Ben Falandays and Tom Prokop along with bassist Ethan Essick decided to go in a new direction. Trading in their drum machines and samples for percussionist Rob Nutini, the band decided to infuse their obscure origins with a new live dynamic.

The band's influences set them apart immediately. Lead guitarist Tom Prokop came from a background of the blues, adding to the sometimes Americana feel in songs such as "American Hero." Bassist Ethan Essick, on the other hand, was involved heavily in the Punk scene, but combines this asthetic with his study of jazz, funk, blues, and reggae bass to create an entirely unique style that is simultaneously rhythmic, driving, and intricate.

Rhythm guitarist and singer Ben Falandays draws his influences from today's indie rock and folk scene, but his formative years crafting hip-hop music have had a profound influence on his style. The band's rhythm, be it in their more relaxed folk tunes or their upbeat rock pieces, always carries with it a catchy, cyclic structure that allows the lyrics to bounce along effortlessly.

Understandably, this band is unpredictable. They create chilling Americana jams, soft folk ballads, and destructive indie rockers. Too many bands try to find a niche and stick it - this is a band that isn't afraid to make the music that needs to be made with no regard for the rules.