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The best kept secret in music


"Promo Review: England"

I quite like this four track promo from this Austin duo. The core of the band are made up of Allyson Lipkin (Guitar/Vocals) and Kevin Hoyas (Drums) with Mike Vasquez on Trumpet. Between them they manage to create a sound that reminds me of the bastard offspring of Bikini Kill and The White Stripes. They deliver a simple sound which to some maybe too basic but sometimes the simple way is the best way! There's four tracks on this promo and while there's no outstanding songs on it there aren't no duff ones either. My fave tracks on here are "Peach of a Gal" and "Blackbird". They are the stronger numbers on here and just have to be heard. Personally I'd like to hear some more tunes in their sound but at the moment I'm enjoying this promo as it is. 7.5/10 -

"Austin Chronicle Recommended Section"

DoDo Bird, W-S Burn, Pink Nasty, The Easies
Emo's Tuesday January 30.
"A nasty bird with an easy burn" - Austin Chronicle

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Please email me at: for a PDF of our press - Various

"Allyson Lipkin Whoopsy Interview"

Allyson Lipkin

Allyson Lipkin, vox/guitar for DD and the Daggers (and much more)
WhatÕs happening with DD and the Daggers, and how do you "front" a "duo"? ?

You front the duo by standing in the front!Ê(of the drums). We have played at Beerland, and are set to play a free-for-all show at Hole in the Wall on Aug. 21. I'm also longing for the Longbranch Inn - a little bar on the east side, very quaint. I would like to play some alternative shows or house parties - remember those?? Let's get a Whoopsy house party together!?

We don't have a CD out yet- but I'm looking for a label because I'm ready to record!

So you're a musician, arts writer, and artist as well? ?

I "played" arts writer for a while but would not consider myself one today. I do love to ask the questions! My most famous interview was Susie Ibarra, a legendary jazz drummer from Houston. She was sweet, and is such a jazz force in the current scene - you know what a boy's club that is... she has broken the mold. I currently teach art classes at Dougherty Arts Center - drawing and stained glass - and have a jewelry business, Dally Devita Designs. My favorite medium is watercolor.

How many bands have you been in?

About six, not including my current project. They are: Deep Sombreros, Superego, The Futants, SisterRuNaked, Double O Go-Go, Jackie Ono. The cool thing about being a saxophone player (as opposed to other instruments I've played in bands: drums, guitar) is that I get called in to record on projects (mainly by Sweatbox's Mike Vasquez). I've played on some neat records; many of them I don't know or keep in touch with, but some I remember are Total Direct Sound Action Group (Tim Curr), The Gospel Swingers, recently Enduro (on vocals) and the Crack Pipes.

How long have you been prowling around Austin? ?
I came to Austin in '91 to attend UT art school.

Status/Orientation: female/straight Where she can be found around town: the Blue Hanger Most proud of: Straight-edge living. Allysons words to live by: (in everything, but particularly music): If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.
- Whoopsy Press

"Why can't we be friends? Name drop central"

Why Can't We Be Friends?

"I log on throughout the day at work when I'm bored," relates Jackie Ono drummer Allyson Lipkin, while Adam Bork (better known as Earthpig) says, "I'm mildly unemployed right now, so I would say at least an hour a day, maybe two." Others have avoided having their lives taken over -- or so they say. - Austin Chronicle

"Sax, Drums, and Rock and Roll"


Allyson Lipkin
Photo By John Carrico

Horn players in rock bands? Next to the electric guitars, keyboards, and sophisticated gadgetry of the average rock band's stage setup, a simple bronze saxophone appears quaint. A novelty. And yet, rock & roll wouldn't exist without the yelping saxophones of Louis Jordan and Big Joe Turner, the magnificent adolescent squawking of "Charlie Brown" or Junior Walker's double-barreled "Shotgun." Stax, Motown, James Brown, Sly Stone; imagine the theme from Shaft without those staccato horn breaks. Horn players in rock bands?

Damn straight. Even in this decade, artists like Morphine, Cake, Rocket From the Crypt, Afghan Whigs, No Doubt, Sublime, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Wilco, and Beck have seen their horn-enhanced output hit the modern-rock jackpot.

Brown Whornet's post-punk freakouts would be rendered limp without their horns' cacophonous punch, while Allyson Lipkin's stylings inject a cautious layer of cool into the chameleonic Deep Sombreros.

The Deep Sombreros' Lipkin has a similar solution: "Blow harder." - Austin Chronicle

"Just Plain Lipkin"

hyperlink to all that is allyson lipkin on the Chronicle Web site: - Austin Chronicle


Asprins and Bandaids - June 2007
Video by Trickster Films - "Money" - June 2007
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Sounds like: Polly Jean meets Chan Marshall in a major/blues meltdown. Allyson's story goes like this: plays in a zillion bands and finally decides to hit the front of the stage. Drops her saxophone and drums - previous instruments - continues her song writing in the form of simple guitar parts and catchy sultry vox. She captures the attention of local bass hero Jeffery Linton - "the damn times", "sons of hercules", "the stepbrothers" and starts trying to hit a bigger target that exists farther away. Johnny Mac "fills" in on drums and the three have such a good time playing music they decide to hit the road. Where do they want to go? Everywhere but here in hot steamy central- Austin, Texas. Allyson's previous musical unions include stints with: Tim Kerr "Big Boys", "Poison 13", Mike Vasquez, owner of legendary Sweatbox Studios, (Mudhoney, Mooney Suzuki, Guitar Wolf,). Other projects include: "The Crack Pipes", "Enduro", "Total Direct Sound Action Comittee", "Attack Formation", "Deep Sombreros" "Jackie Ono" and many others as a studio alto saxophonist. They are in the process of mastering their upcoming album: Asprins and Bandaids and just finished filming their music video for the single: "Money".